The 7 Day Spruce Up guide to spring organizing

The 7-Day Spruce Up: Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Organizing

Welcome to the 7-Day Spruce Up: Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Organizing!

Our 7-Day Spruce Ups are a series of one-stop destinations for whole home happiness, featuring our very best tips and product recommendations to help you create your tidiest, coziest, most beautiful home yet. And this week, we're covering all things organizing to get you on the path to a neater home this spring. From basic tips and tricks you can use around your home, to room-by-room guides and must-have products, we have everything you need to get your home organized.

Day 1: Make Your Best Home

Day 1 the basics

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Before you get started on each room of your home, there are a few basics you should know. These tips can help you get your whole home under control, and give you the tools and habits you need to get organized for good.

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Day 2: Conquer Kitchen Clutter

Day 2 kitchen

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The kitchen can quickly become a catch-all for mail, homework, loose non-perishables, and more. But a tidy kitchen makes cooking, entertaining, and everyday life so much easier. From the cabinets to the drawers to the pantry and every nook and cranny in between, it's time to conquer your cluttered kitchen.

For the whole kitchen:

In the refrigerator:

In your pantry, cabinets, and drawers:

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Day 3: Get the Clean Bedroom of Your Dreams

Day 3 bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a place you retreat to for relaxation and much-needed rest. And if your bedroom is cluttered and disorganized, it can prevent you from getting the rest you need. So try these tips for wrangling your clothes, using storage space you hadn't considered before, and keeping all of your surfaces clutter-free.

For the whole room:

For your closet:

For your dresser and nightstand:

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Day 4: Liven Up Your Living Room

Day 4 living room

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Living rooms are made for, well, living—but that doesn't mean they have to fall into chaos every day. Sometimes, all you need is a few clever storage solutions (hello, throw blanket storage) and smart ideas for hiding cords and you're on your way to a more organized and livable space.

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Day 5: Cure Laundry Room Chaos

Day 5 laundry room

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Laundry rooms might be the most important parts of your home to keep organized. Who wants to make chores even more of a chore? So get those cleaning and laundry supplies organized and easy to grab, and find clever organization ideas for any sized laundry room.

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Day 6: Make Your Entryway More Efficient

Day 6 entryway

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When it's 8 in the morning and you're rushing to get out the door, the last thing you want is to have to search high and low for your keys, or dig through your pile of shoes to find a matching pair. Instead, turn your entryway into a well-organized space that actually helps you get out the door quicker—and starts your day off on the right foot.

For your entryway:

For your storage:

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Day 7: Busy Bathroom, Be Gone

Day 7 bathroom

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We use our bathrooms for getting ready in the morning, relaxation after a tough day, and for winding down at night. And with all that multi-functionality, bathrooms can quickly become disorganized and messy. But whether you have a large and luxurious bathroom or a small, storage-challenged one, these tips and products will help get it organized.

In the whole bathroom:

Around the sink:

In the shower:

For your hair and makeup: