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25 Spring Party Theme Ideas

Indoor and Outdoor Seasonal Fun

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    Spring Party Themes

    Spring is a period for celebration. Flowers are in bloom, people are stepping outside to enjoy the fresh air and temperatures are rising. With the beautiful weather and flourishing surroundings, it's only natural that the timing feels right for entertaining. Spring gatherings can be intimate or accommodate larger groups. Whatever the size of your celebrations, it's always fun to incorporate a theme or party idea.

    Here are 25 inspiring party themes for your next spring gathering.

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    Aloha Luau

    luau decor
    Rebecca Lowe/Getty Images

    Spring is when you can say "Aloha" to the sun. Welcome the return of warm weather and beautiful days with an aloha themed party full of pineapples, tiki drinks, and pink flamingos.

    Aloha Luau ​from The Spruce

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    Southwestern Theme

    When you think of hot days, the Southwest always comes to mind. Celebrate spring with an ode to warmth, desert, and cacti galore.

    Southwestern Theme from Inspired By This

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    Flower Theme

    Flowers are a theme all their own. Make flower cupcakes to place amid bouquets on the snack table. These thoughtfully decorated desserts will easily set the tone for a delightful spring event.

    Flower Cupcakes from Alana Jones Mann

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    Popsicle Party

    Marilyn Conway / Getty Images

    Popsicles are the ultimate warm-weather treat. With the temperatures rising, you'll soon turn to popsicles and other icy treats to stay cool. A homemade popsicle party is a great theme idea. Make these boozy pops for an adults-only party. 

    Strawberry Champagne Popsicles from The Spruce


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    Palm Springs Theme

    Full of West Coast wanderlust? Bring the sunshine and palm trees to you with this incredibly detailed Palm Springs-themed pie.

    Palm Springs Pie from Studio DIY

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    Watermelon Party

    Watermelon is a favorite snack throughout both spring and summer. Get an early start celebrating the season with a watermelon party highlighting the refreshing fruit.

    Watermelon Party from Tell Love and Party

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    Cactus Party

    Succulents and mini cacti are having a moment. They make the cutest addition to a table setting and your home decor. If you are having trouble deciding between flowers and cacti for your party, just remember that cacti will also outlast any flower.

    DIY Cactus Party from Tell Love and Party

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    Taco Party

    Sean Locke / Stocksy United

    A taco party is straightforward and to the point. Have all your taco-loving friends over for a bash full of tortillas and toppings. Pour the margaritas and make some fun party decor, and you're all set for a great event. Hosting it on a Tuesday is optional, of course.

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    Flamingo Party

    If you've already hosted or been to a luau party this year and are looking for a twist on the tropical affair, consider a full-on flamingo theme. These pink birds are crowd pleasers and quite conveniently make the cutest decor. You can even make some flamingo cocktails for a less obvious touch.

    Flamingo Party from Style Me Pretty

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    Rainbow Party

    Spring is the time to be bold, bright and colorful. A vibrant rainbow palette at a party does just the trick. Learn how to decorate this pretty rainbow cake and let if be the star of your event.

    Rainbow Cake from Alana Jones Mann

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    Donut Party

    Donuts taste delicious and also make for a festive party theme. Try hosting a donut party for brunch this spring and you can make these fun donut balloons for whimsical decor.

    Donut Party from Studio DIY

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    Al Fresco Party

    It's finally nice outside, so take that party outdoors. Why should we be celebrating inside when we've been cooped up all winter long? Find the nearest patio or backyard to dine, al fresco. Enjoy outdoor party games, sunshine, a picnic, and blue skies.

    4 Tips for Dining Al Fresco from Oh Happy Day

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    Pastel Party

    Pastels are often associated with spring. Buttercream yellow, mint green, and pale pink are great colors to incorporate into your tablescape palette for spring.

    Pastel Party from Oh Happy Day

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    Cinco De Mayo

    Get out the guacamole and your sombrero because it's time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. When the holiday is past, there's no reason for the fiesta to be over: keep your colorful decor–like this DIY fiesta party garland–and host a margarita party.

    DIY Fiesta Party Garland from Tell Love and Party

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    Tropical Drink Party

    Allow the star of your event to be your menu of tropical cocktails and blended drinks. Make this hurricane glass piñata to add to the fun.

    DIY Tropical Drink Pinata from​ Studio DIY

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    Backyard Movie Party

    Mosuno / Stocksy United

    If you are lucky enough to accommodate an outdoor theater situation on your property, then this spring party idea is for you. A backyard movie party could be your new weekly, monthly or just yearly event. While the nights are getting shorter, the sun is still going down early enough for this to be reasonable for all ages to attend.

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    Garden Party

    Susan Findlay / Stocksy United

    ​With fresh blooms everywhere in sight, it's only natural to consider a garden theme for a spring party. This party theme idea is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events alike.

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    Unicorn Party

    An iridescent unicorn pinata is a festive way to welcome spring. Full of pastels and whimsy, we love the idea of throwing a unicorn inspired gathering. This would be a great theme for a children's birthday party too! You can make an array of unicorn foods for a fabulous touch.

    Unicorn Party Inspiration from Tell Love and Party

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    Farmer's Market Party

    Not only are fresh florals in bloom, but your local farmer's market also has a bounty of produce in for spring. A farmer's market theme uses only the freshest ingredients and your guests will appreciate that.

    Farmer's Market Party Ideas from The Spruce

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    Kentucky Derby Party

    A Kentucky Derby party is all about the hats. If you don't follow the race, do this theme just for the hats. The Derby is held the first Saturday in May.

    Kentucky Derby Party from Studio DIY

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    Pineapple Theme

    Pineapples are having their shining moment. Whether they are spray painted, your favorite shade of metallic, or on display au naturale, this fruit makes for a serious centerpiece at a spring dinner party.

    Pineapple Theme from Studio DIY

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    Swan Pool Party

    LaurenKathrynA / Twenty20

    Not just any pool party–this is a swan pool party theme, complete with a fleet of elegant inflatable swans. Spice up your own pool party with these fun floaty additions.

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    Gold Party

    The sun makes its long-awaited return in spring. A gold party could not be more appropriate to celebrate the shift in temperature and the warm glow of a sunny day.

    Gold Party from Oh Happy Day

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    Sorbet Effect

    Bright Pastel Party
    100 Layer Cake-let

    A sorbet colored dessert table is another fun take on the pastel theme. Serve real sorbet amid the sorbet palette of table decor for an extra kick of color and texture.

    Sorbet Colored Dessert Table from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Ice Cream Crawl

    An ice cream crawl is a great activity to gather all of your friends together this summer. There are so many delicious flavors out there—take this opportunity to try all the local favorites in your neighborhood.

    4 Tips for Hosting an Ice Cream Crawl from Oh Happy Day