21 Stunning Spring Table Setting Ideas

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    A Beautiful Setting

    Spring Table Setting
    Spring Table Setting. Eyeswoon.com

    Going above and beyond for a spring table setting is not as intimidating as it might seem. Elegant, quirky, sophisticated and fun table inspiration elevates any kind of occasion.

    Set the scene for your next gathering to create eye-catching centerpieces, one of kind runners and plating that takes your decorating to the next level. A beautiful and thoughtful table setting will ensure you spring gathering is one to remember. Think outside Easter pastels, there is a whole palette of warm, weather...MORE colors waiting for you to experiment with. Spring birthdays, anniversary's, garden parties, early BBQ's and Mother's Day are all great reasons to celebrate. You don't have to be a professional party planner to nail a gorgeous table setting. If you begin collecting a strong foundation of items such as neutral linens and classic white plating, many of these items you can actually begin storing and reuse in multiple ways which ​means you don't have to go out to buy new props for every event.

    I've done a little research for you and I'm excited to share some personal favorites with these beautiful table settings from spring. You will even find a couple from my own blog, Local Creative.

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    Tiny Bud Vases

    Flower Arrangements
    Flower Arrangements. Local Creative

    Tiny bud vases are the sweetest when it comes to table settings. Visit your local thrift store to bulk up on vintage ceramics or take a trip to Target to collect some small glass bud vases. Either way, you will have so much fun dressing up your table with 1-2 buds per vase all the way down your table. There are ​no rules here so be creative. Keep the vases spread evenly down the table or do like me and make small groupings.

    Love these Sea Swell Vases from Anthropologie but if you are looking into...MORE independent potters please view the selection from the brilliant Frances Palmer when it comes to homes for your buds. 

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    Choose a Concept

    Copper Table Setting
    Copper Table Setting. Local Milk

    I say choose a concept because a theme can feel overly planned. You want your spring table setting to feel fresh and original. Your concept can be based on location, occasion or setting. For example, if it's a Mother's Day gathering you are planning, feel free to indulge on neutral and blush tones. Celebrating in a field of flowers? Pull inspiration from the colors of nature that surround you.

    One of my favorite blogs to look to for table setting inspiration is Local Milk. She never fails...MORE to know her surroundings and design a table accordingly.

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    Texture and Patterns

    Texture, Patterns and Color
    Texture, Patterns and Color. House Beautiful

    Be playful with textures, patterns, and colors that may arise from your linens, plating or table decor. The texture from your table flowers might beautifully accent a flower patterned plate and striped dish towel at each place setting.

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    Mix and Match

    Mix and Match China
    Mix and Match Chine. House Beautiful

    As you are setting the table and becoming aware those textures and colors don't be afraid to mix and match patterns at your settings. Florals, stripes, dots and color blocking can be fun elements in subtle or louder ways to make a design statement for your party.

    Love these additional table setting decor ideas from House Beautiful and my favorite prop rental company in Brooklyn, L'atelier VertAnthropologie is my go-to for house and home when I'm in a pinch. (Shopping Tip: Don't...MORE be shy of the markdown bins! Inventory rotates quickly and often times there are items very similar to the full price look you are eyeing.)

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    When in Doubt, Go Neutral

    Neutral Plating
    Neutral Plating. Local Creative

    When in doubt, choose a neutral table setting. All white with gorgeous flower arrangements is always a solid choice in creating a beautiful display. Your friends and family will compliment you on your great eye and attention to detail. If you do go for an all-white setting, try using some handmade ceramic plating with gorgeous perfect imperfections that come from spinning on the wheel.

    Personally, I turn to Clam Lab for the best neutral and off-white plating options.

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    Decorative Ribbons. Local Creative

    A little ribbon can go a long way. A satin or velvet ribbon tied around vases or napkins at each setting can be a pretty little detail that won't go unnoticed.

    Visit my personal blog Local Creative for an easy DIY tutorial using ribbons when gifting for friends.

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    Indigo Dye

    Spring Table Setting
    Spring Table Setting. Eyeswoon.com

    Indigo Dye everything! This is a fun DIY table setting project you can do by yourself or with friends. Indigo dye table runners, table clothes, and napkins are a beautiful spring accessory that you can say you made yourself. There are also many gorgeous options available to buy if you are short on time.

    Love this indigo inspired soireé from Eye Swoon. Also, find awesome small-batch products for your table from Upstate and Apprvl.

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    Marble DIY Candle Holders
    Marbled DIY Candle Holders. Brit + Co


    Don't forget to line your table with votives to take your party from day to night! Pretty little glass votives with simple white candles will do the trick. If your party is outdoors, look into citronella votives to keep those bugs away from guests.

    Here is a piece from a fellow expert on creating your own unique DIY votives.

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    Handwritten Name Cards

    Handwritten Name Cards
    Handwritten Name Cards. Local Creative

    Are all your friends envious of your gorgeous handwriting? Put that pretty calligraphy to good use with handwritten place cards. A tiny piece of folded white paper with the most beautiful handwritten name is a small gesture that can make a big impact on guests.

    We often opt for handwritten name cards at our Local Creative events like this one with Bon Appétit magazine.

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    Linen Market Napkins
    Linen Market Napkins. Anthropologie

    Clean white linens make such a beautiful statement for spring gatherings. Make sure your linens are washed and clean! It's okay to use old linens, no need to buy new every time you host a gathering but make sure those linens are clean from the previous event.

    So in love with these Linen Market Napkins from Anthropologie.

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    Table Runners

    Linen Table Runner
    Linen Table Runner. A Daily Something

    Table runners are not outdated. They come in a variety of textures, patterns, and colors and can add a lot of personality to a table. Personally, I love a natural linen runner for spring but an antique lace piece can also be very feminine.

    Here are 12 awesome DIY table runner ideas from a past expert.

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    Original Menu Designs

    Original Menu Design
    Original Menu Design. Local Creative

    Here is where your minimal graphic design skills come into play. You should be able to find an easy program online to mimic qualities of photoshop. All you need is a simple spring inspired photograph and to pick out a pretty font to type out a menu for your guests to know dishes in advance. Your new calligraphy skills can also come in handy for a handwritten menu over nice thick card stock.

    Love the Taschen book about menu design in America for research and inspiration. 

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    Place cards as Party Favors

    Place card Ideas
    Place card Ideas. Martha Stewart

    Nothing beats place cards as party favors. Be creative! There are so many adorable DIY ideas on the internet from candles, custom handmade spices, stationery, and small floral arrangements. Your guests will be impressed with the thoughtful gesture and small gift they will head home with it in hand.

    Find a really cute "hatching succulent" idea from Eye Swoon in time for Easter. 

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    Nature Inspired

    All Blue Everything
    All Blue Everything. House Beautiful

    Look to your surroundings for inspirations. Warmer weather means move the party outside. There is tons of greenery and flowers in bloom. What's in your immediate surroundings? Wheat grass, a field of green, dandelions, sunflowers or palm trees? Match your outdoor table setting with your environment.

    Pull from your interiors as well find inspiration like this example from House Beautiful.

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    Dining Table Set-Up
    Elegant Spring Dining. Eyeswoon

    One for water, one for white and one for red wine. You can never have too many glasses so make sure they are the cutest! I love small glasswares for gatherings. They take up less space and add an air of sophistication to your table.

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    L'atelier Vert Catering and Rentals
    L'atelier Vert Catering and Rentals. Local Creative

     Utensils come in a variety of colors, make sure the ones you choose match your palette.  Rose gold, gold and vintage silver all are beautiful options.

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    Floral Arrangements

    Flower Arranging
    Adjust the middle-ground. Local Creative

    DIY arrangements from your local deli or personal garden are perfect for an intimate affair. No need to run to a florist when you only need a couple of stems to make a statement on your table. People often think they need to splurge when it comes to flowers but I think it's better to invest in delicious wines and food.

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    Sprigs of Green

    Sprigs of Green
    Sprigs of Green. Local Creative

    A sprig of green over to complete each table setting is one of my absolute favorite final touches for a spring table. Some of my favorites are lavender, rosemary and thyme when it comes to this detail.

    Whenever I throw a dinner party with my blog Local Creative, there is no setting left sprig-less.

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    Napkin Folding. Local Creative

    There are so many different ways to fold a napkin, do your research and make sure your fold makes the most sense for your table shape and party size. The best way to know you are using the right fold is through experimenting before your guests arrive. 

    Here is an awesome tutorial for folding napkins.

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    Bench Seating
    Bench Seating. House Beautiful

     Personally for dinner parties or any kind of spring gathering I tend to go with either bench seating or mix and match chairs. Finding 20 of the same chair can get taxing, monotonous and expensive. For a low key approach to seating rent (or build if you can) two long benches for either side of the table. Mix and match chairs are fun because you can borrow from neighbors, also another way to save if you are on a budget for your event.

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    Carafes and Decanters

    EyeSwoon. EyeSwoon

    Set out carafes or decanters full of wine or sangria so guests can serve themselves. Lining the table with pre-iced wine buckets are also a great way to serve guests while entertaining outdoors. You are only one person, things can get tricky when you are hosting and serving so give yourself a break with this easy tip.