Spring Wedding Centerpieces We Love

Celebrate Spring With These In-Season Blooms

Centerpiece by Mallory Joyce

Photo by Adam Barnes via Ruffled 

The thought of spring’s arrival always puts an extra pep in our step. Palettes become both softer and bolder, the temperatures finally rise well above freezing, and it always feels as though every inch of the outdoors begins to bloom. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, so it’s never been a surprise that spring wedding dates tend to top many couples’ wish lists.

We think so much of that spring adoration is due to the plethora of flowers available for bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Today, we’ve diving into the world of spring wedding centerpieces and relishing in all of the in-season blooms.

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    Garden Inspired Rose Centerpiece

    Rose Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo via Lavender and Twine via Style Me Pretty

    We are so fortunate to be able to count roses among the flowers that remain in season all year long, but there is something particularly beautiful about them in the spring. In this Rockrose Floral Design centerpiece, everyone’s favorite David Austin garden roses (the tight rose in the center) are joined together with spray roses (the ones that look like miniature roses) and ranunculus to create a romantic and garden inspired blush look. 

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    Elegant Baby's Breath Centerpiece

    Baby's Breath Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Rebekah Hoyt Photography via Style Me Pretty

    In the past, baby’s breath has not been met with raucous applause; however, we think this spring bloom needs another chance. When baby’s breath is the sole bloom featured in a centerpiece and it’s used in large quantities, an elegant centerpiece like this one by Twinbrook Floral Design comes to life. The tall gold pedestal vases also add to the elegance they offer.  

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    Coral Charm Peony Centerpiece

    Coral Charm Peony Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Adam Barnes via Ruffled

    Once late May arrives, peonies are everywhere, and you will never find us complaining. This fragrant in season spring bloom offers tons of romantic texture for spring wedding centerpieces, plus peonies are also available in plenty of bright shades. Here, Coral Charm peonies are paired with ranunculus, roses, and stock to create a lovely spring look by Mallory Joyce.

    Budget Tip: Even when they’re in season, peonies can be quite expensive. Rather than filling centerpieces with peonies alone, talk with your florist about using them sparingly as focal flowers.

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    Bright Pink Sweet Pea Centerpiece

    Sweet Pea Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty

    Another in season spring flower topping the romantic bloom list? Sweet peas! These flowers are most often used in bright shades of pink and magenta, but they’re also available in white and blush. While they can act as a lovely filler flower, sweet peas are the sole star of this Holly Flora centerpiece show.

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    Modern Calla Lily Centerpiece

    Calla Lily Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Maison Meredith Photography via The Knot

    Like roses, calla lilies are also in season for the majority of the year. With that said, spring offers an opportunity to create a fresh new look. To achieve a modern aesthetic, Daffodil*Parker filled tall cylinder vases with calla lilies for the centerpieces at this wedding. The look feels like spring, especially because the team also added a tulip installation overhead.

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    Tropical Inspired Orchid Centerpiece

    Orchid Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Alexey Malyshev and Malvina Frolova via Carpe Diem Events

    Orchids are one of the most classic wedding flowers, and they continue to be in season during the spring. Here, orchids are paired with tropical foliage to create a uniquely modern look with a touch of modern whimsy. 

    Budget Tip: Instead of formal arrangements like this one, consider placing potted orchids in the center of your tables. It’s a way to include the blooms for much less.

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    Peach Ranunculus Centerpiece

    Ranunculus Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo Lacie Hansen Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings

    We’ve mentioned ranunculus a few times already, but we wanted to make sure to give these in season spring blooms their own shining moment. Wilder Floral Co. created this bright and bold centerpiece, and we love the look of the ranunculus. Here, peach, coral, and pink ranunculus are packed in throughout, and they look beautiful (as always!) paired with roses and sweet peas. 

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    Bold Tulip Centerpiece

    Tulip Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Blush Wedding Photography via WedLuxe Magazine

    The sight of tulips in the spring is always welcomed, especially at weddings. Due to the mixture of bold hues mixed with darker shades, this spring tulip centerpiece takes on a much more elegant feel. Classic tulips in shades of deep purple are sprinkled throughout the design, and they’re paired with bright orange and red parrot tulips. Roses, anemones, and plenty of eucalyptus complete the look created by Celsia Floral.

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    Organic Magnolia Centerpiece

    Magnolia Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Melissa Schollaert via Southern Weddings

    This in season spring centerpiece offers a much more organic, wildflower feel thanks to the collection of blooms Amy Osaba Design paired together. Other than the astilbe and garden roses, our favorite flower in the mix is the beautiful magnolia. Magnolias are a fixture in the south in the spring, and their lovely fragrance and stunning look are always welcomed during their blooming season.

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    Blush Lisianthus Centerpiece

    Lisianthus Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Ruth Eileen via Style Me Pretty

    One of the shining facets about lisianthus is you usually have to look twice to determine if you’re falling in love with a rose or a lisianthus bloom. These blooms may look soft and delicate, but they’re actually quite hearty. Plus, they’re sold in larger bunches that feature multiple stems, so lisianthus offers a great budget friendly option. It doesn’t hurt that they look gorgeous in spring centerpieces featuring roses, peonies, and snow berries, thanks to florist Tamara Menges.  

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    Red Anemone Centerpiece

    Anemone Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Angelia Higgins via 100 Layer Cake

    Spring may be known for its soft and muted color palettes, but we love the boldness of this red centerpiece designed by Flower Talk. The design allows the bright red anemones to shine with their black centers, and the texture of the bottlebrush blooms cannot be missed. Garden loving couples, this in season spring centerpiece is for you.

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    Garland and Waxflower Centerpiece

    Waxflower and Garland Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Yiannis Alefantou & Thanasis Kaiafas via 100 Layer Cake

    Garlands offer a wonderful way to pack a punch throughout your table for a fairly reasonable price, and this garland is made even more beautiful thanks to its inclusion of waxflower. Similar to lisianthus, waxflower is often used as a filler flower. However, we love how it’s the central focus in this White Ribbon Boutique Events design. Also, it’s a hearty flower, which makes it a great choice for late spring weddings when the temperatures are starting to rise. 

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    Periwinkle Hyacinth Centerpiece

    Hyacinth Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Captured by Katrina via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

    When you think of spring, hyacinth likely comes to mind. Popular during the middle of spring, these blooms can be very fragrant. To ensure a great spring centerpiece experience for your guests, we love how The Flower Girls used hyacinth sparingly here in bud vases. We also love how the periwinkle shade looks with the same blue shade of anemones

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    Pink Stock Centerpiece

    Stock Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Wedding Chicks

    Another hearty bloom, stock has much more feminine blooms than its name might suggest. Most often found in shades of blush, white, and purple, stock also bears a familiar resemblance to snap dragons and larkspur. Outside of its soft blooms and hearty nature, our favorite feature of in season stock is the ease with which it pairs with roses and carnations, like this design by Bluebell Florals

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    Vintage Carnation Centerpiece

    Carnation Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by D’amor Photography via Confetti Daydreams

    Just like baby’s breath, we don’t feel carnations receive enough love. A flower that typically falls into the “budget” category, some varieties of carnations can easily be mistaken for peonies because they can share the same romantic, fluffy look. In this rustic-meets-vintage spring wedding centerpiece, it’s the carnation that stands out to us the most even though it’s paired with roses and gerbera daisies. 

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    Classic Daffodil Centerpiece

    Daffodil Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Elijah Gromov via Hey Wedding Lady

    Daffodils are synonymous with spring, which is why we cannot wait to see more spring wedding couples include them in their centerpieces. The classic bright or soft yellow coloring of daffodils brings a fantastic pop to any design, and we love how the yellow shades mix together with the bright and soft shades of the rest of the blooms included by florist Katerina Kazakova. The clay pot is yet another fun detail.

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    Rustic Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece

    Gerbera Daisy Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Jacquie Rives Photography via The Knot

    Gerbera daisies always make us think of whimsical style, and here they also offer a nod to backyard, rustic style. The pink budget friendly blooms are featured with baby’s breath and greenery, and we especially love how the flowers are arranged in mason jars vases.

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    Rustic Lavender Centerpiece

    Lavender Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Thierry Joubert via Tulle & Chantilly

    Lavender is known for its soothing qualities, but it's also quite beautiful. This wonderfully fragrant flower is in season during the spring. We think placing bunches inside mason jars and featuring them in groups of three with a touch of burlap is a wonderful idea for rustic style weddings. 

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    Magnolia Garland Centerpiece

    Magnolia Leaf Garland Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Danielle DeFiore via Snippet & Ink

    As we mentioned before, magnolias are in season during the spring, which means it also feels all too appropriate to use garlands of magnolia leaves as centerpieces. A magnolia leaf garland tends to have a fuller look than its eucalyptus or ruscus greenery counterparts, which makes it feel more luxurious. As a result of the differing shades of the leaves, we also love how this garland by Nature's Grace Design doesn’t feature any flowers—a thought for couples who feel more pulled toward using greens alone. 

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    Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

    Cherry Blossom Spring Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by B Hull Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

    If you have ever attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., you already know how gorgeous cherry blossoms are in person. Thanks to the floral industry, these blooms are available for weddings throughout the country. Their height and delicate blooms offer the perfect juxtaposition for classic and timeless weddings, particularly those hosted in ballrooms, like we see here in this stunning centerpiece by Lenox Hill Florist.