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Area rugs are the cherry on top of a room’s decor—they can help anchor furniture and create a cohesive aesthetic, tying together the color scheme and decor style. Rugs can even help to reduce noise in your home! However, because they have to withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s worthwhile to purchase a high-quality piece that will last for years to come, and The Spruce recently launched its own line of rugs that will do just that!

The Spruce Rugs collection includes six eye-catching designs that tailor to every decor style, all of which are available in both 5 x 7 and 7 x 10-foot sizes. The floor coverings are made from high-end materials with superior craftsmanship, and they're easy to clean, as well as fade- and stain-resistant, for easy everyday maintenance. The versatile products are ideal for any room of your home, from the living room and bedroom to a nursery or home office, and the best part is that they’re affordable and accessible, no matter your budget. 

Below, everything you need to know about The Spruce Area Rugs.

Our Top Picks

The Spruce Marcella Louise Area Rug Gray/Ivory 7'10"X10'5"

The Spruce Marcella Louise Area Rug

Courtesy of Wayfair

You can add some depth to an otherwise bright space with the Marcella Louise area rug. This design has a dark gray background accented with rows of tick marks, creating a cool striped pattern. The motif features both ivory and beige hues that make the stripes really pop, and the design is finished with a row of ivory twisted fringe on each end. 

Beyond its cool modern design, the Marcella Louise Rug features a luxurious shag construction with cozy high-pile fibers. It will feel soft and welcoming underfoot, yet the material is stain- and fade-resistant, making it suitable for high-traffic areas of your home. Try styling it in a room with light-colored walls—perhaps under a dining table or as an anchor for a seating area.

Price at time of publish: $275

The Spruce Marcella Alan Area Rug Gray/Ivory 5'2"X7'2"

The Spruce Marcella Alan Area Rug

Courtesy of Wayfair

The Marcella Alan area rug features a high-contrast geometric pattern that’s sure to become the focal point of any room—it’s a great way to add some flair to an otherwise demure space. The rug has a gray background with ivory stripes, and the lines zigzag in a way that creates a large diamond pattern in the plush shag material, which is made from polypropylene for durability. 

This modern design has a high-pile construction with a canvas backing, and there is a twisted fringe along the two shorter edges. The rug is easy to vacuum, and it can be placed in busy areas of your home thanks to its fade- and stain-resistant design.

Because its pattern is fairly busy, it’s best to let the Marcella Alan rug be the star of the room—so you’ll want to avoid pairing it with ornately patterned wallpaper, for instance. However, it would look stunning as a centerpiece in a contemporary living room.

Price at time of publish: $275

The Spruce Summer Adele Area Rug Blue/Rust, 5'2"X6'11"

The Spruce Summer Adele Area Rug Blue/Rust, 5'2"X6'11"

Courtesy of Wayfair

The Summer Adele area rug offers a modern take on a traditional medallion design, featuring smaller repeating medallion shapes wrapped in an intricate border. The motif includes a variety of flowers and other traditional forms that create an intricate design, and you can choose from two color schemes—blue and rust or gray and ivory—to best suit your space. 

This rug is made from a combination of polypropylene and polyester yarns that are power-loomed and heat set for incredibly durable construction, so it can stand up to even the busiest households. It has a soft textured pile that feels delightful on bare toes, and its purposefully distressed appearance makes it resemble a vintage piece (without the sky-high price tag). No matter where you put the Summer Adele rug, it’s sure to lend a touch of elegance to your home, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves traditional patterns but wants a more modern aesthetic.

The Spruce Summer Quinn Area Rug Beige/Gray, 5'2"X6'11"

The Spruce Summer Quinn Area Rug Beige/Gray, 5'2"X6'11"

Courtesy of Wayfair

Medallion patterns have adorned rugs for hundreds of years, and the Summer Quinn area rug provides a fresh take on the timeless motif. Available in both gray and ivory or beige and gray colorways, this rug features an incredibly intricate star-shaped medallion wrapped in a flowery border. Its soft neutral hues help to balance out the ornate pattern. 

The timeless design of the Summer Quinn rug would be a perfect anchor for underneath your dining table, or it could be used to pull together a home office decorated in traditional style. The rug features a soft, textured pile made from durable synthetic materials, and not only is it easy to vacuum, but it’s also fade- and stain-resistant, ensuring the pattern remains immaculate for years to come. Just be warned: All your guests are going to ask where you got it.

The Spruce Summer Rain Area Rug Gray/Ivory, 7'10"X10'2"

The Spruce Summer Rain Area Rug Gray/Ivory

Courtesy of Wayfair

For a rug with a more subdued pattern, the Summer Rain area rug showcases an abstract painterly motif that would fit in with any decor. The rug comes in both blue and rust or gray and ivory colors, and the accent color is displayed in asymmetrical swaths, almost as though the rug is naturally distressed with patches worn down over time. However, don’t fret—the rug is crafted from high-quality synthetic fibers that are extremely durable and fade-resistant, so the lovely pattern isn’t going anywhere.

This low-pile rug is oh-so-soft yet still stain-resistant, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen, dining room, or even a child’s playroom. Its abstract pattern is notably contemporary in style, but the rug’s understated appearance would truly mesh well with just about any aesthetic, whether your tastes are more transitional, modern, or even eclectic. Overall, the Summer Rain rug is a versatile piece that can be incorporated into just about any home.

What to Look for When Buying Area Rugs

Flat Weave or Pile

Plush pile rugs feel soft and cushy underfoot but require more maintenance to keep them looking good. Prone to flattening from foot traffic and furniture, they are also magnets for dust, dirt, stray hair, and food particles, and tend to shed, meaning they require constant vacuuming and aren’t terribly pet- or child-friendly. Flatweave rugs have a tighter, flatter, less sensual feel underfoot, but they are easier to keep clean and usually last longer. 


Area rugs come in various worldwide styles, from traditional Persian rugs to perennially on-trend Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs. They come in bold colors, geometrics, stripes, florals, abstract motifs, and everything else under the sun. This makes choosing difficult, but browsing is fun. Choose a rug that works with your overall design scheme for cohesion, or treat it like a one-off piece of art to wake up a boring interior. 

Vintage or New

Deciding whether you want a vintage or modern rug is a question of taste, preferences, and attitude about buying new stuff. Vintage rugs that have been maintained have a certain cachet that is hard to replicate. They add a sense of history to a contemporary space in the same way that a modern rug can make a traditional interior feel more current. Well-made vintage rugs that have been overdyed can look good as new while maintaining a classical appeal and will also appeal to those looking to reduce their consumption of new stuff.

  • What size rug do you get for a living room?

    It depends on the size and layout of your living room, the width and length of your couch and other furniture, and how much of the floor space you want to cover with a rug. To determine the correct size, measure your living room, then look at your rug size options. Use painter’s tape to mark them out on the floor so you can determine how big of a rug will work in your space. Rug size will also depend on how you prefer to arrange your furniture on it. Do you want all furniture legs on the rug or just the front legs to maximize floor space around furniture? What about a floating rug placed under the coffee table to create a cozy sitting area while keeping the rest of your hardwood floors visible. 

  • How do you clean a rug?

    Rugs require regular maintenance to keep them clean and free of dust and dirt. The best way to keep your rug clean is to forbid shoes in the house. Next, regularly vacuum your rug, especially if it's a pile rather than a flat weave rug. Once a month or quarterly, take it outside and give it a good shake. Some rugs may be machine-washable, but be sure to check care instructions. Stained or dirty rugs can be professionally cleaned, but keep in mind that this process may fade the rug or alter its texture.

  • How do you flatten a rug?

    If your rug has creases in it, you have a few options to flatten it out. First, try reverse rolling it up and leaving it for a few days to help relax the rug fibers back into place. If the edges of a previously rolled-up rug stay curled when you try to lay it flat, turn it upside down and weigh down the corners with heavy books for a few days to train the corners back into place.

  • How do you place a rug in a living room?

    Different interior designers have different rules and preferences about placing living room rugs, which is more art than science. In general, using an area rug in a living room helps to define the sitting area, which may include a sofa, coffee table, end tables, and additional armchairs or poufs. Grouping furniture on an area rug that is large enough to comfortably fit your existing seating options keeps it from looking like a jumble, creating a cozy feel, especially during cooler weather. In a large living room with more than one sitting area, area rugs can help define separate spaces.

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