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GE Cafe Collection

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From interior inspiration to the latest pet toys, The Spruce editors pick their favorite home, food, pets or crafty-related items. Whether you're looking for a practical addition to your home or the perfect gift for someone special, these products will make sure you're never running out of ideas on how to spruce up your surroundings. 

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    The Best of October: Bathage Shower Curtains

    Checked shower curtains


    Shower curtain buying can be an awful experience. Everything is either gaudy and expensive and doesn’t go on the inside of the tub anyway, or is a thin plastic-y sheet that, if they don't get moldy in a month, make you feel like an extra in an episode of Dexter. These curtains from Bathage changed all of that. They’re water-wicking, so they go on the inside of the tub. They’re machine-washable, so you don’t need to get a new one over and over. They’re pretty affordable at $30. Best of all though, they’re perfectly simple and modern-looking and easily match other bathroom décor.

    Grid: Orange and Grey, $29.90, Bathage

    Timothy Latterner, Home and Gardens Editor 

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    The Best of October: CEVA Animal Health FELISCRATCH

    CEVA Animal Health FELISCRATCH

    FELIWAY for Cats

    ​I’ve been looking for effective ways to curb my cat from scratching up all the furniture and when I took her to the vet to get claw caps put on, my vet recommended this product to me. I’m normally skeptical of unsolicited product recommendations, in case someone’s just trying to upsell me, but I gave this a shot after finding it at a much cheaper price on Amazon ($15 vs. $50 at the vet!). The bag comes with 9 capsules. You squeeze the capsule onto a surface that you want to redirect your cat to scratch on (scratching posts work great), let it dry, and watch as your cat instantly goes crazy rubbing and scratching at the product.

    Pro tip: place the scratching post next to the surface you’re trying to deter your cat from (in my case, the couch). I found that even after effects of the product wear off (usually after a few days), my cat actually prefers the scratching post over the couch. Every time I catch my cat scratching (or even eyeing) the couch, I’ll add another capsule. I’ve had to do this less and less!

    Note: Be careful, the purple liquid in the capsule does stain, so I usually apply it over the sink.

    Emily Manchester, Crafts and Pets Editor

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    The Best of October: GE Cafe Collection

    GE Cafe Collection

    GE Appliances 

    For those of us who are tired of boring stainless steel appliances, there’s finally an affordable (and stylish!) alternative. GE recently introduced its new Café Collection, a suite of sleek matte white and matte black fridges, stoves, and dishwashers with interchangeable accents—including an oh-so-trendy brushed bronze. It’s a Pinterest-worthy look with GE reliability.

    Patty Lee, Food Editor

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    The Best of October: OXO Good Grips Sweep Set

    OXO Good Grips Sweep Set


    After meals in my house, it’s like a tornado blew through. I used to have one of those tiny dustpans and I would crawl on the floor like an animal after every meal. This little guy really helps and I like how it has the little teeth on the dustpan to clean off all the crumbs. I’d rather have a dog, but my wife won’t let me until all kids are out of diapers.

    Eric Handelsman, VP & General Manager

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    The Best of October: Corkcicle Canteens and Wine Cups



    I’m loving Corkcicle’s colorful canteens and wine cups right now. They’re perfect for bringing to weekend events like tailgates and picnics because they keep your drink cold (or hot!) for hours… plus, they’re super cute!

    Lauren Watzich, Social Media Editor

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    The Best of October: MYZOO Spaceship Gamma Cat Bed

    Spaceship Gamma cat bed


    Just when I thought sleepy cats couldn't get any cuter, MYZOO released spaceship-themed cat beds. The Taiwanese studio focus on creative furniture for pets, so your cat will love this one as much as you do. Aside from looking futuristic, the design allows your cat to perch with a high view and the air holes reduce any echo. Newly released, I can't wait to see my climbing kitty do a space walk. 

    Laura Pitcher, Editorial Assistant