Spruce Up Your Powder Room For $200 Or Less

powder room decoration
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Powder rooms can be difficult to decorate well. They're small, sometimes impractical in layout, and we can tend to use them as extra storage space rather than a room with its own purpose and life.

But powder rooms can be amazing spaces once you've decorated them well. And even when you have a small budget (let's say $200 or less), you can absolutely make this space a wonderful area in your home.

Here are some small budget ideas with a big design effect!

Change the mirror

Since the visual focus of a powder room is usually the mirror, it's a good idea to make a deliberate choice for it.

There are a few hot mirror trends going on in 2016, but choosing a good one for your powder room should go beyond simple fashions. What kind of atmosphere do you want in your powder room? What are the colors, the styles, that inspire you?

A good quality mirror with design appeal can run you anything between $50 and $200, depending on the size. If you don't usually do your make-up in the powder room, you can get away with a smaller one.

Here are some mirror ideas for different styles: Head West French Tile Mirror, 27 X 36; Oval Wall-Mounted Mirror With Vintage Frame Design; Ruby Medallion Star Wall Mirror.

Add a wallpaper

Sometimes the difference between "blah" and "wow" is a patterned wallpaper. Wallpaper is easy to install (you don't even need to strip the paint) and comes in so many textures, colors and patterns that you'll have a hard time choosing which one you really want.


Because of the size of the space, you can accentuate different effects. Choose a dark wallpaper for a striking, elegant powder room. Get a bold pattern for an amazing visual effect--you don't beed to worry about it being "too much" because the room is so small. If you like bright, open spaces, choose a wallpaper with a shiny finish and pale colors.

Wallpaper for a powder room will run you at most $100, depending on the price of the wallpaper itself. More complex, patterned and textured wallpapers will cost you more. But you can also choose to put wallpaper on a single wall instead of all of them to save money.

Here are some interesting wallpaper suggestions: Grey Chevron Wallpaper, Vintage Gold Textured Wallpaper, Vintage Wood Pattern Wallpaper, Abstract Curve Black And Brown Wallpaper.

Alternatively, you can use wall decals if you don't feel like putting up a full wallpaper. Wall decals are practical, easy to install and remove, and there are just as many styles as for wallpaper. You can decal an inspirational quote, a woman's face, a tree... the possibilities are literally endless.

Install wall-mounted lights

A different source for the light (instead of the ceiling) can make a really interesting effect. Adding wall lights on either side of the mirror will make the room more intimate and welcoming.

Individual wall-mounted lights cost between $35 and $100, which means that you can manage with installing two with a $200 budget. 

Choose something that suits the style of your decor: modern, traditional, eclectic, industrial? There's a wall-mounted light fixture for that.

Your powder room doesn't need as much light as the full bathroom if you don't usually put on your makeup there. However, you might want to have lightbulbs that are more on the natural sunlight spectrum since very few powder rooms have access to a window and natural lighting.

Give it a new coat of paint

Another cheap idea for a small powder room is a new coat of paint. Maybe you're getting bored of apartment beige. That's fine. Why not change the color and put something happier and more... you? You can also have fun and do a DIY striping with two different colors.

A gallon of paint will cost you between $15 and $35 depending on the brand and the finish. Given the size of a typical powder room, you shouldn't need more than a gallon or two--leaving you enough money to get a new mirror!

Powder room refresh

Often neglected, the powder room deserves a little of your decor attention.

Why not prepare a $200 budget to give it a fresh look? Because of the size, $200 will get you a long way. A new mirror, a fresh coat of paint, some wall decals: combine and use the above ideas as you see fit.

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