Review of Multivet Ssscat! Cat Repellent System

Cat Repellents and Deterrents Can Train Your Pet

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What Is a Cat Repellant?

A cat repellent is any product that encourages a cat to stay away from a particular location. Cat repellents are usually products sold in liquid or spray form, though it is possible to make your own cat repellent using a combination of natural items such as lemon juice, vinegar, and herbs. Some cat repellents are intentionally made from non-toxic ingredients that are unpleasant to cats but do not harm them in any way.

Others, however, are made from ingredients such as hot peppers which can be very painful if touched.

Cat repellents are used to train cats to stay off or away from particular areas, inside or out. In theory, multiple interactions with a cat repellent should be enough to keep a cat away forever. The reality, however, is that when an owner forgets to use the repellent (or the repellent is washed away by rain), the cat learns that the "forbidden" location is sometimes available. Most cats are willing to risk a nasty smell if they think something wonderful (such as raw meat) might be available.

What Is a Cat Deterrent?

Repellents are typically devices that create a negative experience for a cat that is indulging in an undesirable behavior such as counter-surfing, undesirable scratching, urine spraying, plant-eating, or wire chewing.  Some examples of cat deterrents include ultra-sonic devices that make sounds unpleasant to cats' ears, spray bottles of water, and motion-activated sound systems.

The ultimate cat deterrent, of course, is a tall, unclimbable fence.

What Is a Cat Repellent System?

A cat repellent system combines multiple elements to teach cats new, permanent, desirable behaviors. Most systems include motion detectors that set off some sort of repellent -- sound, liquid, or spray.

The motion sensor is a particularly important part of the system because it is virtually impossible for an owner to detect and respond to every misbehavior.

Review of Multivet Ssscat! Cat Repellent System

Ssscat! is a versatile training system which is excellent for hardcore behavioral problems in cats. It works with three components: a motion detector atop a repellant spray can with an auxiliary high-pitched alarm. We tested it effectively on our counter-surfing cats. After two or three run-ins with the spray, I was able to turn off the spray feature and the sound alone was an efficient deterrent. Our two "upwardly-mobile" GuideCats, Jaspurr and Joey, now give our kitchen counters a wide berth. Probably the most important application is in deterring scratching of furniture if other means have been unsuccessful, and the owner is contemplating declawing. Cats simply will not venture near an area where they have encountered Ssscat!

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  • fast, effective, and painless
  • effective for many behavioral problems
  • works in the owner's absence


  • may be too frightening for timid cats


  • adjusts between motion detection and direction of spray
  • nozzle position adjustable upward and downward
  • the spray may be turned off for sound conditioning
  • refill spray cans available with 500 spray capacity
  • repels cats for up to one meter

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