St. Patrick's Day Activities

Fun Ideas for Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Your Kids

Are you ready for some St. Patrick's Day fun? Go green and dive right into St. Patrick's Day activities for the whole family.
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    Learn the History of St. Patrick's Day

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    Your first step in celebrating St. Patrick's Day with your kids is to learn about the holiday. Teach your kids about who St. Patrick really was, the origin of the holiday and why four-leaf clovers are the symbols of good luck. This holiday dates back more than 1,000 years so you'll probably learn something new too.

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    Host a St. Patrick's Day Party

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    Party time! Throw a St. Patrick's Day party for your kids and their friends. Your children can be part of the party planning by creating homemade invitations, helping you pick out the decorations and preparing the party food. Choose St. Patrick's Day-themed activities for the party like a leprechaun hunt or a four-leaf clover craft. When the party's over, hand out St. Patrick's Day party favors like mini pots of gold and green shamrock hats.

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    Make St. Patrick's Day Crafts

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    It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without craft activities. Sure, you can cut out four-leaf covers from green construction paper. That's always fun for the kids. But also kick up the St. Patrick's Day fun by thinking outside the shamrock for activities. Build a leprechaun trap for starters to see if you can catch one of those tricky little guys. Make your own St. Patrick's Day cards to send to friends and family. There's a whole list of St. Patrick's Day crafts you can...MORE enjoy with your children.

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    Enjoy St. Patrick's Day Green Recipes

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    Who doesn't want to eat green foods on St. Patrick's Day? Put on the aprons and start baking with your kids. Green is the color of the day so get ready to bake everything from St. Patrick's Day cupcakes to Irish Mint Brownies. If you're ready to eat traditional Irish foods for dinner, try some of these favorite Irish recipes. You can prepare Irish stew, beef and Guinness pie and Irish soda bread, to name a few.

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    Take in a St. Patrick's Day Parade

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    Cities big and small around the world host St. Patrick's Day parades. It's a great opportunity for kids to wear their green, hear great Irish music, see Irish dancing and, of course, score some free candy. Look in your local newspaper, contact your local TV station or call your city's chamber of commerce to find out which day and time your city will be holding a St. Patrick's Day parade.
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    Listen to Irish Music

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    Take a trip to Ireland without ever leaving your home. Listen to Irish music with your kids. You can find plenty of Irish tunes on YouTube or at the iTunes store. Vary up the playlist with Irish tunes that are instrumental, feature Irish solo singers or even listen to Irish punk.
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    Learn an Irish Dance

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    Now that you've got an Irish jukebox going with your Irish music, you're ready to dance with your children. Stepdancing is the most recognized form of Irish dancing and there's no shortage of videos you can watch with your family to get a taste of this Irish dance style. Once your children understand what the dance looks like, crank up the music and go for it. It doesn't matter if the kids aren't dancing the exact same way the professionals are. Just have fun with it.
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    Dye the Bath Water Green

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    Out of all of your St. Patrick's Day activities, none may be quite as popular as dyeing the bath water green. Crayola makes Color Bath Dropz (compare prices) that you can combine to turn the water green. Or make your own safe, green dye with basic bath bombs. Don't worry. The dye just stains the water, not your children. They won't look like the Green Giant when they get out of the tub!