St. Patrick's Day DIY Drinks Decorations

Leprechaun approved DIY drinks perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

From green beer, to Irish based drinks these handy St. Patrick's Day drink DIYs will show you how to easily prepare a variety of Leprechaun approved beverages for St. Patrick's Day. From printable bottle labels for beer, soda, wine or water, to shamrock drink toppers or even how to make your own pint of green beer these do it yourself ideas will be a hit at your St. Patrick's Day celebration.

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    diy shamrock straw
    Stephanie White

    Use one of these DIY shamrock straw toppers this St. Patrick's Day in your green drink of choice, from green milkshakes to a green cocktail these festive green shamrocks are simple to make out of green gift wrap or construction paper. Learn how to make your own set of shamrock straw toppers right here.

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    St. Patrick's Day Beer Bottle Labels
    St. Patrick's Day Beer Bottle Labels. Lia Griffith

    Celebrate this St. Patrick's Day by making any regular bottle of beer more festive with printable bottle labels that can be attached over your beer bottle's existing labels. Lia Griffith offers two free labels for you to download, one is "today I'm Irish so kiss me" and the other is "St. Patrick's Day lucky".

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    DIY Pint Of Green Beer
    DIY Pint Of Green Beer. Vicky Barone

    Green beer is an essential part of celebrating St. Patrick's Day so learn how to pour a pint of shamrock colored beer at home. Vicky Barone easy to follow tutorial will show you how to make green beer in seconds using a pale ale and green food coloring.

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    Lucky Me Drink Flags
    Lucky Me Drink Flags. I Heart Naptime

    Surprise your friends by making a round of St. Patrick's Day shooters or cocktails such as the Irish Flag, Irish Frog, or Shamrocked and top them off with a mini luck me printable drink flag that you can cut out and stick onto a straw. To make your own lucky me drink flags visit I Heart Naptime for the free printable template.

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    DIY Lucky Pop Labels
    DIY Lucky Pop Labels. Homemaking Hacks

    Take a green soda green color or one with a green bottle, such as Mountain Dew or Sprite and transform them into a St. Patrick's Day themed beverage by adding a printable lucky pop label available at Homemaking Hacks.

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    Tartan Lucky Charm Beer Labels
    Tartan Lucky Charm Beer Labels. Catch My Party

    These printable tartan beer labels by Catch My Party have a beautiful traditional design that you can print for free and attach over any bottle of beer so you can toast to the luck of Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

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    DIY Luck Of The Irish Wine Bottle Labels
    DIY Luck Of The Irish Wine Bottle Labels. Sarah Hearts

    If you are heading over to a house party this St. Patrick's Day and do not wish to bring beer these DIY luck of the Irish bottle toppers by Sarah Hearts are an easy way to make a bottle wine fit with the St. Patrick's Day theme.

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    DIY Rainbow Martini Glass Rim

    DIY Rainbow Martini Glass Rim
    DIY Rainbow Martini Glass Rim. Oh My Creative

    Top any glass with a colorful rainbow sugar edge made of sprinkles and corn syrup as demonstrated by Oh My Creative. To complete the look add handmade chocolate shamrocks to the edge of the glass to make any cocktail St. Patrick's Day themed.

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    DIY Shamrock Water Bottle Tags
    DIY Shamrock Water Bottle Tags. I Heart Naptime

    At your St. Patrick's Day party make sure to have plenty of bottles of water on hand to keep everyone hydrated. I Heart Naptime has free printable lucky shamrock tags to make a regular water bottle seem extra festive by tieing a cute tag around the neck of the bottle.