19 Stacked Stone Backsplashes for Different Types of Kitchens

modern kitchen with stacked stone backsplash

 Sebring Design Build

If you are looking to add an organic touch to your cooking space, consider a stacked stone backsplash. It is a rustic veneer made of thin stone slabs, which will protect kitchen walls from heat and spills. Even better, the protective facing is available in a broad range of stone varieties including quartzite and marble. And when it comes to gorgeous, rough textures, you'll find options that range from rugged and three-dimensional, to tumbled varieties that resemble hand-chiseled bricks. To find out if a stacked stone backsplash will work in your kitchen, take a peek at these stylish examples. 

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    Charcoal Gray Natural Quartz Stacked Stone Backsplash

    Slate stacked stone backsplash
    Details Home Services

    This white kitchen by Details Home Services features a charcoal gray backsplash made of natural quartzite. The heat resistant backsplash offers a unique natural texture that you cannot get with ceramic or porcelain tile. Plus its lovely color picks up the gray and blue tones shown in the stone countertop. 

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    Sleek Kitchen With Travertine Stone Backsplash

    Stacked stone in contemporary kitchen
    By Design

    This travertine stone backsplash with natural hues adds warmth and contrasting texture to an otherwise sleek and contemporary kitchen done by By Design. Notice how the rugged feature wall throws focus to the smooth stainless steel range and matching oven hood.

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    Craftsman Kitchen With a Stacked Stone Backsplash

    Craftsman inspired kitchen with stacked stone
    Designers Point

    Craftsman-style kitchens typically feature sturdy cabinets made of cherry wood and colorful wall tiles. However, this cooking space by Designers Point puts a new twist on the classic style with a stacked stone backsplash in vibrant hues. The feature and the coordinating floor tile unify the cooking space.

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    Warm and Neutral Stacked Stone Backsplash

    lake front ranch stacked stone backsplash
    Arjay Builders

    When it comes to color schemes, white kitchens are a popular choice for their everlasting style. But that does not mean you have to go with a cooled toned cooking space that feels chilly. This lovely kitchen by Arjay Builders combines rich and creamy cabinetry with warmly toned features in beige and brown. For instance, the fossilized limestone countertop, which looks stunning set against a neutral, stacked stone backsplash.

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    Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With Stacked Stone Backsplash

    stacked stone backsplash in a farmhouse kitchen

    Not many of us can resist a modern farmhouse kitchen like this one by Ultracraft. We love how the design team combines pieces in contrasting textures for visual interest. The polished, black granite countertop draws the eyes toward the rugged stacked stone backsplash in quartzite.

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    Contrasting Stacked Stone Backsplash

    modern kitchen with stacked stone backsplash
    Sebring Design Build

    More often than not, the best-designed spaces incorporate a surprising element. Instead of going with a bright white backsplash in this ultra modern kitchen, the interior designers at Sebring Design Build decided to make a bold and unusual statement with a stacked stone feature wall in charcoal gray.

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    Traditional Kitchen With a Stacked Stone Backsplash

    woodsy stone backsplash
    Walker Woodworking

     A stacked stone backsplash is right at home in a traditional kitchen by Walker Woodworking. The lovely feature anchors the contrasting dark and light cabinetry. The stones in rich brown hues also pick up the red tones throughout the cooking space.

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    Stacked Backsplash That Matches Appliances

    stacked stone in traditional kitchen
    The Burke Company

    The interior designers at The Burke Company selected this split face limestone backsplash in gray because it complimented the stainless steel appliances.

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash With a Rustic Vibe

    Soapstone counter with stacked stone backsplash
    The Jae Company

    There is no doubt that a stacked stone backsplash will add a little natural appeal to any kitchen. Mixed with a soapstone countertop and wood cabinetry, as shown in this cooking space by The Jae Company, will definitely create a rustic vibe.

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash in a Refined Kitchen

    formal kitchen with stacked stone
    Designers Point

    Add both beauty and durability to your kitchen with a stacked stone backsplash made of natural travertine. Here the beautiful matte stones in super-soft shades of tan and beige add a rough-hewed twist to a luxurious, traditional kitchen by Designers Point.

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash in a French Country Kitchen

    blue stacked stone backsplash
    Santa Cruz Kitchen and Bath

    French country kitchens like this beauty by Santa Cruz Kitchen and Bath always have a certain je ne sais quoi. Pairing the stacked stones with an oven backsplash featuring the French countryside strikes the ideal balance between rustic and refined.

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash to Match Rustic and Refined Materials

    Wood and stone kitchen
    Gilmer Kitchens

    Just like tile, stacked stone works with a broad range of materials. Here Gilmer Kitchens combines the appeal of natural wood and the elegance of marble with natural, stone ledger panels.

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    Mini Stacked Stone Backsplash in a Traditional Kitchen

    mini stacked stone backsplash
    Walker Woodworking

    If full-sized stacked stone ledgers seem too big, you can still add that natural look to your kitchen with mini stone panels. Walker Woodworking installed a style called Arctic Golden in this cooking space. The backsplash pairs nicely with the dark wood cabinetry. It also picks up the gold and cream hues shown in the granite countertop.

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash Made of Tumbled Marble

    split face stone backsplash
    KabCo Kitchens

    Stacked tumbled marble turns a backsplash into a gorgeous architectural feature in a crisp traditional cooking space by KabCo Kitchens

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    Travertine Stacked Stone Backsplash

    Stacked stone in Arizona kitchen
    Davis Design Group

    Travertine is a common natural stone that comes in a broad range of finishes from honed and tumbled to polished and chiseled. In this contemporary kitchen by Davis Design Group, a stacked stone backsplash makes a statement by showing off its naturally pockmarked surface.

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash in Onyx Slate

    gray stone stacked stone backsplash
    HT Renovations

    Creating the kitchen of your dreams requires the right ingredients. For this eclectic kitchen by HT Renovations, the list includes hardwood flooring, stained oak cabinetry, and a black ash granite countertop. But the frosting on the cake is the stacked stone backsplash in onyx slate that lends cooling contrast to the mix of warm woods.

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    Depth-Adding Stacked Stone Backsplash

    transitional kitchen with stacked stone backsplash
    Heather Garrett

    Transitional kitchens combine traditional decor elements with contemporary features to create a space that feels both timeless and fresh. Interior designer Heather Garrett amps things up in this example with a stacked stone backsplash. It adds texture and depth to the small cooking space. 

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    Warm Natural Stone Backsplash in a White Kitchen

    stacked stone in white kitchen
    Designs By Danica

    In a cooking space by renovated by Designs by Danica, a stacked stone backsplash brings earthy colors to a traditional white kitchen. 

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    Stacked Stone Backsplash in Gorgeous Earthy Colors

    stacked stone rustic backsplash
    Teakwood Builders

    A mix of multi-hued stones makes a striking backsplash in this kitchen by Teakwood Builders. The earthy colors coordinate beautifully with the black granite countertops and custom cabinetry. How do you keep the stones clean? In busy kitchens, cleaning experts suggest scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush once a week to prevent sticky build up.

  • Are stacked stone backsplashes expensive?

    The price of a stacked stone backsplash will vary depending on the type of stone. For example, a stacked quartzite backsplash would be less expensive than one made of marble.

  • How long do stacked stone backsplashes last?

    Stacked stone backsplashes can last decades and even longer when properly cared for. You should apply a sealant to the stone yearly for extra protection.

  • Why do people like stacked stone backsplashes?

    Stacked stone backsplashes are a popular choice for their unique appearance and ability to add a sense of depth to any kitchen without compromising durability.