How to Stage an Empty House on a Budget

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Staging an empty house is essential for home sellers. If your home isn't furnished, it has a few benefits such as not worrying about moving out furniture and appliances. Although, leaving an empty home comes with its own set of challenges as well. In order for prospective buyers to get a sense of the actual layout of the home, room sizes, and how the room will be used, you need to stage it with proper furniture and accessories, which of course can get pretty expensive.

Kitchens and bathrooms are easy to stage as they don’t require any furniture. Focus on setting the right tone in these areas by using decorative accessories. Declutter, clean, and use small touches in the kitchen such as oven mitts and distinctive kitchen towels, decorative mason jars filled with oils or pasta, and a basket of artificial fruits. 

After thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms, make them seem more welcoming with colorful, clean, and fluffy towels on the rack. An attractive soap dish with decorative soap in a mild fragrance completes the look.

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    Save Money on Furniture Rental by Choosing Key Rooms

    stage a empty house bedroom ideas
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    Choose your rooms strategically when staging a vacant home and choosing furniture rental stores. Your primary bedroom, living room, and possibly a dining room should be your main focuses. You don’t need to have a lot of investment up front; there is no need to store the furniture or spend money on transportation. All this convenience allows you to focus the time where it’s best required: staging the house. There are many companies that offer rental packages of furniture along with other accessories. You require only a piece or two in each room to help potential buyer imagine his own furniture in the space. Just make sure that the furniture pieces that you pick are of high quality, unique, stylish, and not dated. 

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations as well as the Real Estate Standards Organization, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    These Painting Tips can Transform your Tired Walls

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    As with any property up for sale, a fresh coat of paint throughout the home's walls is a great idea. It is the best budget-fix to instantly bring life to your home and costs less than any other decorating tip. Choose paint colors wisely such as off-whites, grays, and beiges as neutrals, and consider adding accent walls that have a stronger hue to create visual interest. It will also make picking up the furniture and accessories much easier. Consider adding paint to any woodwork, cabinets, or trim that require a makeover, and don’t just stop at the walls. Stretch your budget a bit and paint any woodwork, cabinets, or trim that require a makeover. Make your home painting easier and cleaner with these tips.

    While many agree that staging an empty house is much more difficult than staging a fully furnished one, it really does not have to cost you a fortune. As unoccupied house truly gives you a blank slate. What’s important is to get creative. Use the above budget-friendly tips and gather ideas from model homes, retail stores, and online magazines. Also, make sure to update yourself with what potential buyers expect in that neighborhood and in that price range.

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    Maintain Curb Appeal When Staging an Empty House

    woodent front porch
    A beautiful wooden front porch over looks a front yard and adds curb appeal.

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    Home shoppers like to drive by prospective properties and many will simply pass by if the curb appeal is lacking. When selling a vacant home, make sure to have the grass cut, landscaping maintained, and driveway snowplowed in the winter season. A house with great curb appeal is a sign that the property is visited often and is well-maintained. This involves making sure that the exterior paint is in good condition and that the front door is painted or cleaned with a fresh welcome mat at its feet.

    If you aren't able to keep up the maintenance of your outdoor home while your home is vacant, consider hiring a property management service or lawn service. This will ensure your outdoor home and curb appeal are kept up to par with neighboring homes.

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