How to Stage your Rental Home Apartment to Attract Renters

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Trying to attract more tenants to your rental home apartment? Home staging techniques could help you create a more appealing home while also retaining renters for a longer duration. Consider a few of these tips to help you stage your rental home or apartment for renters. Attracting and selecting the best tenants will be essential, let these tips help you create an inviting home for them.

Dedicate a Few Apartment Home Spaces to Staging

One possible option is to use one of the apartments as the model home/apartment to show to potential renters. Large, luxury complexes can often afford to have several if not all, of their various floor plans available as staged models to show potential renters.

If this isn’t possible, the next best idea for most complexes is to use one apartment for a combined Leasing Office and model apartment. You can use one of the apartments and set aside one of the rooms at the office. It will at least give potential renters a sense of the size, space, and layout. A second bedroom, den, or family room would work best for the office. Try not to use the master bedroom. If necessary, the dining room or living room could be used. If you offer snacks, water, or coffee, these could be offered in the kitchen area. Stage all the other rooms as they would normally be used.

Consider Using a Professional Home Staging Service

A better idea and one that can even be used in complexes that just don’t have the space for a model apartment is to have each type of unit professionally staged before listing it for rent the first time (or in between tenants if you are already using it as a rental). You can rent furniture just long enough to get the place staged. Then -- and this is critical -- take professional photos of the staged rental.

You might even want to do a virtual tour. This way, when renters come to look at the place, they can at least see what the layout looks like with actual furniture in the space. You can also post the photos and virtual tour on your website so potential renters can see how great your rental unit looks. Don't forget to take external pictures, especially if you have a complex. This shows how well you maintain it, and how proud you are to offer it to renters.

Home Staging Tips that Will Create a Welcoming Apartment Home

Stay away from strong colors, except as accents or in small doses, and keep the style from being too specific. One of my favorite styles for decorating is tropical or Tuscan. However, that is something to implement in my own home. It is not a good choice for staging a space. When staging, you want to appeal to lots of people who likely have different styles.

Guide renters how to use each space in the apartment home. A desk, chair, and some bookshelves with books are great for a home office. Add some window treatments and neutral artwork and you’ve got a potential home office. You want the master bedroom to be relaxing and luxurious. It should be an escape or retreat away from a hectic day of working and taking care of kids and other everyday tasks.

How to Stage Multiple Apartment Home Units

If you have multiple units, rent furniture in multiples. Use it to mix and max when you take pictures and stage each type of unit. If you staged an entire one-bedroom, only stage one other bedroom in another unit that has 2 or 3 bedrooms.

You don't have to redo the entire rest of the unit. If you a few different floor plans that vary greatly, you may want to stage a few or even all of them (if possible), depending on the number of different floor plans and how much they vary. One good strategy is to stage rooms that are only part of certain floor plans or units. You don't need to stage the rest of the apartment, as these parts were most likely already staged in other units.