Staging Your Home to Sell While Still Living in It

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Model homes give us a false reality of staging your home while living in it. There are a few key things that you can do to keep your house ready for showings so that it sells faster while ensuring it’s still comfortable to live in at the same time. Take staging your home as an opportunity to declutter, get rid of unwanted items, and get a head start on packing. Here are a few things we recommend that will make your house livable while staging.  

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    Keep Your Decor Neutral and Welcoming to All

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    When it comes to decorating the walls for the purpose of staging, it’s different than the decor done for personal reasons. The idea is to fill the empty walls with ​the right style, color, and size that will create excitement and make the potential buyers want to buy the house. Choose a few neutral but interesting pieces of art such as those of nature, animals, or local landmarks and hang them at different heights to draw attention. You can also decorate with mirrors as they add light, makes a space feel larger and keep it interesting.

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    Depersonalize Rooms but Add Pops of Color and Organization

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    Let the buyers envision themselves living in your home by getting a head start on packing family pictures, personal items, and anything that makes your house “yours.” But as you need to strike a balance between staging and lived-in, it’s important to put a few elements that will make your home appealing. Consider decorating your home with vases of fresh-cut flowers, a bowl of lemons near the sink, or a basket of seasonal fruits on the kitchen counter. Also, pulling the furniture off the walls and arranging it symmetrically along with proper placement of area rugs can go a long way.

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    Organization Is Key

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    Organizing your home will not only help to keep it in the showing condition but will also help you live there comfortably. And of course, getting a head start on packing is a bonus. If you have lived in your house for many years, the chances are high that you would have acquired a lot of belongings.

    Go through every room, old cabinets, and closets early in the process and get rid of items you do not need. Put away toiletries, cookware, and small appliances, and make sure whatever is left is neatly arranged. Use pouches or totes in the bathroom for daily use items, and have everyone in the house follow the rule of cleaning up after meals. If you prepare meals that have a strong smell, be sure to neutralize the odor when done.

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    Clean and Prep Your Home for Buyers

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    The granite countertops, walk-in closets, and that large fireplace all can be overlooked if your home is not presented in the best light. So make a plan for the showings by assessing your everyday routine. If your daily life leaves your house looking too lived-in, consider increasing the number of times you clean up during the week. Investing in a cleaning company while your house is on the market is also a good idea.

    For sure, living in a staged home is not quite easy, but it’s certainly manageable. The key is to get organized and stay vigilant about keeping it in that way all the time so that it’s ready for showings. If you have pets or young kids, make sure to set some showing times upfront with your real estate agent. This will help you do the final touches before the potential buyers step in. As a thumb rule, get rid of unwanted items, create space, and make a plan.