Stair Design Ideas: Metal Balusters, Railings, and Posts

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If you're adding stairs to your space and need inspiration on aesthetic, look no further. Prepare to transform your space with your own amazing stair design with the help of these ideas below.

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    Steel Balusters Add a Fancy Touch to This Oak Staircase

    Staircase Design Metal
    Metal Staircase Balusters. House of Forgings, Inc.

    Metal balusters lining a straight staircase with a landing. This is a simple staircase layout made a bit more elegant with the addition of those stainless steel balusters from House of Forging.

    Products: Straight - 17.11.5, Knuckle - 17.11.3

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    Curled Showy Metal Balusters for Curved Staircase

    Staircase Curved
    House of Forgings, Inc.

    Definitely one of the showier stair design ideas in our gallery―curved stairs with fancy Ribbon Series metal balusters. From House of Forgings, Inc. this is their 16.1.23 Scroll baluster product.

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    Strong, Classic Staircase With Tuscan Metal Balusters

    Staircase Design Tuscan
    House of Forgings, Inc.

    Strong, classic, and simple, this combination of straight stairs with landing is a winning favorite of many homeowners. The curve at the bottom landing helps soften the stairs' angular lines.

    From House of Forging, these are Tuscan Square Hammered balusters.


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    Curved Stairs, Box Newel, Metal Balusters

    Curving Staircase Design
    House of Forgings, Inc.

    A nice pairing of wood and metal. House of Forgings' Versatile Series metal balusters is combined with wood box newels.

    The curlicues of the balusters are meant to riff on the stairs as they curl downward.


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    Tuscan Touch

    Straight Staircase Design With Landing
    House of Forgings, Inc.

    House of Forgings' Tuscan Square Hammered staircase accessories

    Products: Straight Bar - 2.9.20; Single Knuckle - 2.9.12; Double Knuckle - 2.9.13

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    An Elegant Landing

    Staircase Landing Design

    A quiet, elegant staircase design idea from a customer of

    This design features seven maple closed stair treads and "11 color matched left return stair treads along with 4 feet of custom matched maple landing tread on the edge of his intermediate landing," according to's site.

    The handrail is 25 feet of maple wood, which matches the homeowner's maple floor.

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    Landing on a Dime

    Stairs Curved Landing

    How about this stair design idea: punctuating the bottom of your staircase with a curved landing? It's a smooth, soft way to end a staircase, and it makes the staircase all the more inviting.

    Yet this is a far easier build than some of the other curved landings in this gallery―a type of faux curve called a radius landing tread. This quarter-circle landing allows staircase traffic to come and go from multiple directions.

    True to its name, Tigerwood is an exotic hardwood that has attractive dark steaks.

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    Tiled Staircase Risers

    Stairs Tiled Risers

    It's always a question of what to do with the staircase risers (the vertical part of the stairs). Face them with wood similar to the treads? Or another type of wood completely?

    How about tiling the risers with either stock or custom made ceramic tiles? This Texas homeowner installed custom Mexican tile as risers to his Retro Box stair tread kit.

    Retro Box is a system of layering new treads over existing stairs without removing the old treads.

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    Pebbled Stone Mosaic Stair Risers

    Stair Risers

    Similar to the tiled staircase risers, this stair design idea capitalizes on the unique nature of pebbled tile mosaic for risers.

    From, the stair treads are made of Brazilian Cherry, a hardy exotic wood that lends itself well to the high traffic demands of stairs.

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    Cumaru + White: Simple and Functional

    Simple Staircase Design Idea

    It doesn't get more simple, handsome, and functional than this. These are 1" Cumaru stair treads from The risers are simply wood painted white.

    White risers can eventually present a problem because shoes scuff and mar them. This is why it's beneficial to paint risers in a high sheen―at least semi-gloss but preferably high gloss.