29 Staircase Ideas That Will Elevate Your Home's Design

Grand staircase planked with framed photos in home entryway

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

The staircase in your home—we know it serves as a functional piece, getting you from one floor to the other, but it can do a whole lot more for your home's design. It's oftentimes the first thing people see when they first walk into your home, so it should not only be functional but should also contribute to your home's overall design style.

Whether you're lucky enough to have a beautiful grand staircase in your home or not, you can easily dress up your staircase to elevate the design in your home. From a few simple touches to ideas on how to use the space underneath your staircase, we share our favorite ideas to help elevate your home's design.

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    Makeshift Bar Area

    A bar area by a staircase

    Brophy Interiors

    The wall against a staircase can often be forgotten when it comes to designing it, but it's a great opportunity to make the space useful and beautiful. If you don't have a designated area for a bar in your home, you can create a makeshift one by placing a sideboard or buffet table against the staircase wall to store your favorite libations and bar essentials.

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    Displaying a Favorite Art Piece

    A bench and artwork by a staircase

    Morse Design

    Oftentimes, the staircase is at the entry of a home, and the entryway is where you can set the tone for the rest of the home. If you want your space to feel bright, airy, and welcoming, your entryway should reflect that. Here, Morse Design decorated the wall against the staircase with the homeowner's favorite photo of a beach and placed a bench with textured throw pillows to create a functional and beautiful space.

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    Black and White Gallery Wall

    A black and white gallery wall by a staircase

    Tyler Karu Design

    Black and white decor and furnishings are prevalent in modern style homes, and that includes every room in the house including the staircase area. This staircase has plenty of natural light and features a large gallery wall filled with a variety of framed black and white prints that make the staircase feel large and grand.

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    Built-in Bench

    A built in bench by a staircase

    Design by Mindy Gayer Design / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    The wall adjacent to this entryway staircase was previously an empty space, but now it's completely functional and stylish. The built-in bench is a convenient place to remove shoes, while the hooks and storage drawers provide a place to store coats and shoes.

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    A Colorful Gallery

    A colorful gallery wall by a staircase

    Design by Mel Bean Interiors / Photo by Kacey Gilpin

    The staircase is a spot in the home you can really let your creativity shine. This staircase design by Mel Bean Interiors features color through a variety of artwork like posters, art prints, and kid's art. The intricate stair railing and leopard print runner complete the eclectic design.

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    Simple Gallery Wall

    A gallery wall by a staircase

    LA Designer Affair

    A gallery wall can work even in more minimalistic style homes. This curved staircase is a design element on its own, so LA Designer Affair added a simple gallery wall with framed patterns that follow the curve of the wall which lead you up to the second floor of the home.

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    Glass Details

    A Mediterranean style home with glass details

    Maite Granda

    This Arabic design-inspired home is grand, open, and airy and the staircase is no different. To help keep with the home's open layout, the stair railing is made of glass panels in lieu of traditional railing. The style is simple, elegant, and complements the adjacent intricate glass doorways.

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    A Contemporary Upgrade

    A staircase with green railing

    LA Designer Affair

    What was once a traditional staircase now has a contemporary spin to it. A coat of olive green paint on the stair railing, and a patterned stair runner are an easy, budget-friendly way to instantly upgrade a staircase. Large artwork and a bench pull the whole space together.

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    Houndstooth Stair Runner

    A staircase with a houndstooth patterned runner

    Kelly Hurliman Design

    A stair runner is a great opportunity to experiment with trending patterns and colors. You can easily swap it out each season or when you want to try a new trending pattern. It's a simple upgrade, plus it keeps you safer from potential slips and falls when walking up and down the stairs.

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    The Perfect Spot for a Kitchenette

    A kitchenette underneath a staircase

    Burchard Design Co. / Instagram

    If you have a small space to work with or have a loft style home where the bedroom is above the kitchen, the space underneath the staircase, called a spandrel, is the perfect place to extend your kitchen, or create a kitchenette. Burchard Design Co. added a countertop, microwave and pantry area in the spandrel of this home for a spot to make a morning cup of joe or warm up leftovers.

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    Refreshing Lemon Tree

    A lemon tree by a set of stairs

    LeClair Decor

    This entryway staircase is in a big, open, and airy space that features plenty of natural light. Industrial-style accents fill the neutral space, but a lemon tree is the standout feature in the room. The bright green leaves of the tree and yellow lemons bring a refreshing look to the large space.

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    Mediterranean Style Staircase

    A curved staircase in a Mediterranean style home

    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    This home features many Mediterranean-style elements, from the wood ceiling beams to the arched doorways. The staircase is a stunning feature that catches the eye right when you walk in the door, from the tile stair risers to the intricate curved wood stair railing.

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    Mudroom Nook

    A mudroom area beneath a staircase

    S.U.S.A.P. / Instagram

    The space underneath this staircase is small and dark and could've easily been kept as a nonfunctional space, but s.u.s.a.p. made the most of it by adding a few functional elements. A coat rack and a few wall hooks provide a place to tuck away coats, hats, and purses while a small cabinet acts as extra storage.

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    A Cheerful Spot

    A bubblegum pink cabinet at the bottom of a staircase

    Martina's Cosy Crib / Instagram

    Everything about this staircase area is happy and welcoming. The colorful gallery wall incorporates the colors of the bubblegum pink cabinet and bright green stair runner, while fresh greenery and flowers brighten up the space even further. The tile flooring is intricate yet neutral in color to help anchor the space.

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    The Coziest Staircase Entryway

    A sitting area in an entryway with a plant wall

    Rebecca Rollins

    This staircase entryway has everything you need to relax after a long day and can easily be the favorite spot in the home. The plant wall filled with succulents adds color and life while the area rug adds a cozy factor. Every other step on the staircase features tile stair risers. Adding tile risers to every other step instead of every step is a great way to play with pattern without overwhelming a space.

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    Antique Details

    An antique secretary desk by a staircase

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    Instead of keeping this space bare and nonfunctional, designer Marie Flanigan added an antique school desk to create a quiet place to do homework, write, or read. The antique desk and wrought iron stair balusters add a quaint, vintage look to the home.

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    A Small Washroom

    A small room beneath a staircase

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This small washroom is neatly tucked away underneath the stairs of this home's entryway. To differentiate the room from the entryway, the washroom is painted in a blush pink color that stands out against the all-white design of the entryway.

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    A Romantic Entryway

    An entryway with a balloon chair in the corner

    Design by Mel Bean Interiors / Photo by Jennifer Jordan

    Historically, balloon chairs, also known as porter's chairs, were used by hall porters to sit in while keeping watch on palaces and estates. Nowadays, these chairs bring a romantic, medieval feel to a room like this balloon chair does in the corner of this staircase in the entryway.

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    A Quiet and Stylish Reading Nook

    A sitting nook underneath a staircase

    Dwell Aware / Instagram

    If you think you have zero space to create a reading nook in your home, think again. Amanda transformed the spandrel in her home into a quaint reading nook complete with a comfy chair, her favorite reads, a small lamp, and a storage cube that acts as a small end table. The checkered wall mural adds a beautiful design element while helping make the nook feel like its own area.

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    Stenciled Stair Risers

    Patterned tiles on stair risers

    Leaf + Lolo / Instagram

    These stair risers may look like they're made from intricate tiles, but Lindsay created the tile look using paint and stenciling. It's an easy, budget-friendly upgrade that goes a long way. She painted the railing to match and added a houseplant jungle corner to transform the space from drab to a happy corner of the home.

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    Extra Storage Area

    An entryway with a curved staircase

    LeClair Decor

    At first glance, this staircase entryway is unassuming, but it actually serves multiple purposes. The console table drawers and large storage baskets underneath provide extra storage while the table and mirror add a beautiful design element to the space.

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    Oversized Mirror

    An oversized mirror at the top of a staircase

    Martina's Cosy Crib / Instagram

    The top of the stairs is often forgotten when it comes to designing a home, but Martina created a cozy, welcoming feel on the second story of her home. An oversized, full length mirror, a potted houseplant, a small end table, a round rug (and cute dog), and hanging lights is a great use of the second floor hallway.

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    Double the Design

    A grand staircase with a symmetrical design

    M Wilcox Design

    This dual grand staircase is an over-the-top design element on its own, but the space between the two staircases is the perfect opportunity to showcase big designs. The large round wall art mirrors the artwork above the fireplace in the adjacent room, while a high back loveseat fits perfectly in the curvature of the staircase wall. Large vases and an orchid plant complete the high end design.

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    Large Tapestry Decor

    A large tapestry hanging by a staircase

    Calimia Home

    If a gallery wall isn't your design aesthetic, you can still pack a lot of style on a blank staircase wall with large artwork. Here, Calimia Home displayed a large tapestry on the wall. The design of the tapestry mirrors the pattern of the tile stair risers for a cohesive look.

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    Less Is More

    A simple plant on the landing of a staircase

    Marie Flanigan Interiors / Instagram

    A small design idea can sometimes go a long way, especially when it comes to decorating a staircase. Marie Flanigan dressed up the landing of this staircase with a simple Lucite stand that's holding a small pot with greenery. It's an easy, simple addition that makes a big design impact.

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    A Place to Display Wine

    A wine cellar by a staircase

    Design by Mindy Gayer Design / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    A home wine cellar isn't possible for many people, but you can look at unused areas of the home to create a makeshift one. This area beneath these stairs display bottles of wine that are enclosed by glass panels. It's a great place to store wine while adding an unexpected design element.

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    The Anchor of the Home

    A sitting area by a set of stairs

    Design by Tyler Karu Design / Photo by Erin Little

    Every room in this home's design by Tyler Karu is filled with color, pattern, and energy. The staircase and entryway is the anchor of the home. Even though the use of bold colors were kept to a minimum, the design elements are still high in style from the matching chairs to the tall glass vase filled with greenery.

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    Vertical Cable Stair Railing

    A living room next to a staircase

    Michelle Berwick Design

    A cable stair railing is a low maintenance option that adds a more modern feel to a space. This vertical cable railing makes this small living area feel more open while still providing safety as a traditional railing does.

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    Wood Railing Design

    A staircase with a wood railing design

    Maite Granda

    A stair railing typically blends into the design of a staircase and home's entryway, but it can stand as its own design element. This white-painted wood stair railing doesn't just extend from the hand rail to the top of the steps, but goes all the way to the floor of the entryway to create a dramatic design statement.