17 Staircase Ideas That Stop Us In Our Tracks

Staircase with black and white design

My Grandparents Chair

While your staircase may not be the first thing you decorate in your home, it definitely shouldn't go ignored. While it's a utilitarian feature of your home first and foremost, a staircase also has the potential to be a grand display all its own. Whether it's the first thing guests see when they enter your home or it's tucked away in its own area, creating an eye-catching staircase is a wonderful way to elevate the look of your entire home.

Here, we've rounded up our favorite staircase ideas that will truly delight any home decorator. From paint to tile, there are endless ways you can spruce up your staircase and create a truly personalized look.

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    Paint It Black

    Black painted stairs

    E T Shown Home

    If you want an elegant way to upgrade your staircase without requiring anything super detailed, these classic black painted stairs from E.T. Shown Home are a great option. The color is rich and deep and gives the space a wonderful farmhouse-inspired feel.

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    Build a Bookshelf

    Staircase with bookshelf

    Halena Ernst

    Every bibliophile knows that a beautiful bookshelf can transform a space. Here, Halena Ernst converted an unused closet at the end of a staircase to create a wonderful hidden bookshelf. Keep the door open to show off your collection or close it when you want a tidier look.

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    Pair Neon and Graphic

    Staircase with neon colors

    Nine the Avenue

    Talk about going bold. This stunning staircase from Nine the Avenue features some of the happiest, brightest colors we've seen used in a staircase design. Imagine coming home after a long day of work and being greeted by such a whimsical, winding path up to your bedroom.

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    Consider a Rich Blue Mural

    Staircase with blue paint

    Anna Jacobs, The Colour Doctor

    Few colors provide as much depth as a robust, rich blue hue, and this one from Anna Jacobs, The Colour Doctor is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a lot of depth to their staircase without going all-black.

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    Tile the Stairs

    Staircase with tiles

    The Wooden Hill

    Here, home decorator The Wooden Hill proves just how chic and modern a tiled staircase can look, especially when paired with a lovely eclectic design scheme. These gray, black, and white tiles serve as the perfect accent to nearly any design style, and they add just enough visual interest without appearing too busy within the context of the rest of the home.

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    Match Artwork to Your Stairs

    Staircase with bold artwork

    Dust and Bricks

    One great way to decorate the wall leading upstairs (or down) is by picking out beautiful artwork that plays off of your staircase. If you have wonderfully colored stairs like these from Dust and Bricks, adding in paintings that play well with the rest of the colors is the best way to tie your whole look together.

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    Hang Baskets

    Staircase with baskets

    Our Niese Nest

    Few things are as versatile throughout a home as a lovely wicker basket. Here, Our Niese Nest uses vintage baskets to create an earthy look that adds a lot of warmth. While this mural wall is on the outside of the staircase, you can also recreate this look on the interior staircase wall as well.

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    Paint a Mural

    Staircase with black and white mural

    My Grandparents Chair

    This stunning black and white staircase from My Grandparents Chair features a stylish pattern that even the least crafty can recreate at home. This paintbrush stroke design creates an eye-catching look that works well with a wide variety of decor styles.

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    Replace the Wall

    Staircase with wooden design

    Restoring No. 45

    Can't decide how to decorate your staircase wall? Why not open it up and replace it with a modern wooden accent, like this one from Restoring No. 45. This idea not only adds a lot of interest to the space, but it also opens up the whole room and makes it feel even larger.

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    Go Pink

    Staircase with pink paint and pictures

    The Tiny Colorful Terraced

    This staircase from The Tiny Colorful Terraced features a wonderful coat of medium pink paint that helps delineate the staircase from the rest of the room and provides the perfect backdrop to the gallery wall. If you have room, a few standing planters also give the staircase a more purposeful feel.

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    Add Texture With Wallpaper

    Staircase with textured wallpaper

    Peony and Fig

    You can't help but be mesmerized by this lovely staircase design from Peony and Fig. Not only do the stairs feature a wooden paneled look that adds a hint of texture, but the modern wallpaper is filled with personality (and a touch of whimsy). This idea is great for small spaces or segmented-off staircases where you can go wild with designs that won't clash with the rest of the house.

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    Opt for Fabric Wall Hangings

    Staircase with wall hangings

    Most Lovely Things

    We love using eye-catching fabric as wall art. It's a bit unexpected without being too bold, and this staircase from Most Lovely Things proves just how well fabric tapestries can work on a staircase wall. Opt for a simple modern version like this one, or up the ante with a more detailed look.

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    Create a Floral Mural

    Staircase with black and white florals

    Right Brain Creation

    This work of art from Right Brain Creation is definitely a showstopper and sure to become the centerpiece of any home. If you're an artist, your staircase wall is a great place to experiment and have fun—and serves as the perfect backdrop for a wonderful mural.

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    Add a Gallery Wall

    Staircase with mural wall

    Design Sixty Nine

    A classic but beautiful way to decorate your staircase is with a gallery wall, like this one from Design Sixty Nine. Though they can be daunting, hanging a gallery wall on your staircase can lend an eclectic look that still feels classic and elegant.

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    Opt for Moody Wallpaper

    Staircase with black floral print

    Back to the Wall

    Looking for a way to introduce moody wallpaper to your home? Check out this idea from Back to the Wall that features a stunning modern take on floral wallpaper. While wallpapering your stairs is a bit tedious, it's a DIY-able project that really elevates your whole home.

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    Try Penny Tile

    Staircase with pennytile

    The Phinery

    If you've never considered using penny tile on your staircase, this beautiful example from The Phinery will definitely change your mind. This beautiful black and white look has loads of texture, and it's truly eye-catching without overtaking the entire space. The simple penny tile look is perfect for nearly any type of modern decor style.

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    Layer in Shiplap and Wainscoting

    Staircase with white shiplap

    Rusty 7s

    If you're into a modern farmhouse look, you will adore these stairs from Rusty 7s. Using painted pine, this home decorator created a lovely geometric design that adds just enough texture to make these stairs super interesting, but not so much so that they become busy or overpowering.