30 Staircase Wall Ideas You Never Thought to Try

wallpaper in stairwell

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If you're looking to add some flair to your staircase wall but aren't sure where to begin, you're going to want to check out these 30 spaces for plenty of inspiration. Whether you choose to use the stairwell as a place to display family photos, hang some colorful art prints, or have fun with wallpaper, the world is truly your oyster. Keep reading to admire some of our all time favorite staircase wall ideas.

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    Try an Eclectic Approach

    eclectic gallery wall

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    If you love an eclectic look, take advantage of every inch of wall space in your stairwell and hang up all sorts of items that speak to you—they don't solely have to be framed prints, as this setup demonstrates.

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    Hang Pennants or Flags

    flags in stairway

    @thischathamcottage / Instagram

    Make a statement in the stairwell with small pennants or flags, like the ones shown here. This is an excellent way to incorporate some texture into this area of the home.

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    Say Yes to Wallpaper

    wallpaper in stairwell

    @m_m_interior_design / Instagram

    Love wallpaper? Install a beautiful pattern on the staircase wall. Make sure that the colors complement the surrounding rooms to ensure a cohesive look.

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    Show Off Your Vintage Finds

    vintage frames and art in stairwell

    @1912_on_wallace / Instagram

    If you love vintage decor, use the staircase wall as an opportunity to display some of your favorite old timey prints and mirrors. You can find items like these at the flea market and antique store and give them new life in your home.

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    Hang Some Colorful Frames

    eclectic gallery wall in stairwell

    @house_of_chester / Instagram

    Make it colorful! There's no need to opt for solely neutral colored frames; be sure to add some vibrant touches into the mix, too.

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    Paint Your Walls

    two toned painted stairwell

    @thehousewiththepinkbed / Instagram

    Have fun with paint on your staircase wall. We love this trendy two-toned look, which adds a touch of playfulness to this area. If you have paint leftover from a prior project, this is a practical way to make use of it as well.

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    Use a Rug as Decor

    rug hanging in stairwell

    @helen.the.shoe.lady / Instagram

    Who says you can't hang rugs on the wall? This fun leopard rug certainly adds spice to this staircase.

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    Bring the Outdoors In

    mulch sculptures in stairwell

    @normanleigh / Instagram

    Bring the outdoors in with a sculptural moss display like this one. It adds so much visual interest to the staircase and is perfect for a modern, minimalist home.

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    Create a Watercolor Gallery

    watercolor art in stairwell

    @pepperleigheclectic / Instagram

    If you have a collection of watercolor pieces you're looking to display, consider grouping them together on a staircase wall. You can even frame some of your own creations and set up a mini gallery at home.

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    Let a Portrait Shine

    vintage portrait in stairwell

    @the_ct_colonial / Instagram

    If you have a favorite vintage portrait that is just begging for its big debut, hang it up on the staircase wall, where it will greet you every time you head upstairs after a long day.

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    Try an Alternative Picture Hanging Technique

    wire picture hanger in stairwell

    @designedwithgraceandjoy / Instagram

    If you're looking for a fun alternative to simply nailing picture frames into the wall, try a wire display like this one. Then fill the frames with whatever makes you happy—travel snapshots, family photos, and more.

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    Honor Your Loved Ones

    family photos in stairwell

    @the.lydden.life / Instagram

    Speaking of family photos—your loved ones deserve the spotlight, right? Display pictures of your family as well as pets and loved ones near and far. You'll always be surrounded by a friendly face.

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    Mix in Some Baskets

    baskets and frames in stairwell

    @thishouseisnot_forsale / Instagram

    If you collect woven baskets, plates, or other household items that can easily be hung on the wall, go ahead and display these finds in the stairwell. They look lovely grouped with standard picture frames, too.

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    Go Abstract

    colorful gallery wall in stairwell

    @blakelyinteriordesign / Instagram

    Make it abstract. Most of the paintings on this staircase wall are ultra modern and add lots of energy and intrigue to this plain white wall.

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    Keep It Simple

    black and white photos in stairwell

    Home on Mount Forest

    If you tend to prefer neutral tones and decor, it's easy to print out your favorite photos in black and white. Pop three photos into black frames to replicate this charming, serene setup.

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    Play With Paint

    colorful painted stairwell

    Ju De Paula

    If you love vibrant hues, don't settle for plain walls. Here, this staircase wall features neon green and several shades of pink. Bring on the fun.

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    Add in a Bookcase

    bookshelf in stairwell

    @thecrowesnest1955 / Instagram

    Have too many novels on hand to count? Take advantage of your staircase's wall space and install a built-in bookshelf (or several) to display all of your reads. Whether or not you opt for a rainbow color configuration is entirely up to you, but it sure makes the setup extra eye catching.

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    Print Out Travel Snapshots

    travel photos in stairwell

    Taryn Whiteaker

    If you love to travel, go through your camera roll and identify some of your favorite shots from past trips. Print these out on 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 inch paper and create a gallery wall that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to plan your next adventure.

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    Go for a Collected Look

    collected gallery wall in stairwell

    @margotaustin / Instagram

    If you're drawn to gallery walls that look to have been put together over time, be sure to vary your frame style and picture size. This will result in a collected, curated look.

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    Say Yes to Paint, Wallpaper, and Pictures

    pink gallery wall in stairwell

    @my_colourfulsquares / Instagram

    Can't commit to just one form of staircase wall decor? Well, you don't have to—this setup proves that paint, wallpaper, and picture frames can all play wonderfully together if you have the space.

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    Paint Some Stripes

    striped design on walls

    @carlaelliman / Instagram

    Grab a few paint colors that speak to you and paint a striped design going up the staircase wall. This one mimics the look of a banister and is minimal yet stylish.

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    Hang Frames Down Below

    black and white photos in stairwell

    @aboutahome50 / Instagram

    You may wish to display some frames under the staircase, too. The more pictures in your home, the merrier.

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    Don't Forget a Green Friend

    gallery wall and plant in stairwell

    @mariana_mostly_at_home / Instagram

    If you're the type of person who can never have too many green friends at home, don't forget to set up a hanging planter or two in the stairwell. This macrame plant holder will fit right into a boho style house.

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    Make It Moody

    green walls and moody gallery wall in stairwell

    @thegreenrabbithouse / Instagram

    Feeling moody? Paint your stairwell a deep green or blue, then pack on the pictures, focusing on saturated earth tones.

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    Group Word Art Together

    word art gallery wall

    @over_at_elles / Instagram

    If you love word art, group together a collection of prints with your favorite words and phrases to create an entertaining stairwell display like this one.

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    Get Creative With Pattern

    wallpaper in stairwell

    @matters_of_style / Instagram

    If you fall in love with a certain wallpaper pattern but just don't know where to use it in your home, consider papering the stairwell. You can even continue the print into the entryway underneath for added oomph.

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    Cluster Frames Together

    frames clustered together

    @designsixtynine / Instagram

    This stairwell is certainly full of personality. To fit as many pictures as possible in your staircase gallery wall, be sure to hang frames close together so as not to waste any blank space.

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    Be Rustic

    rustic stairwell

    @allynlayne.co / Instagram

    Make it rustic. A vintage window pane, some weathered wooden frames, and a hanging basket all contribute to this home's farmhouse-inspired look.

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    Let Just One Picture Shine

    portrait art in stairwell

    @heatherdewberry / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with opting for one large print or picture on your staircase wall. Place it in a grand, oversized frame to really give it the star treatment.

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    Display Your Wedding Pictures

    wedding photos in stairwell

    @the_sheila_method / Instagram

    Not sure what to do with all of your wedding photos? Have them printed and framed and then create a gallery wall in your stairwell that will always remind you of this happy day.