Stamp and Doodle a Paisley Image

  • Stamp and Doodle a Paisley Image

    Stamp and doodle paisley designs
    The traditional paisley design (left) lends itself well to stamping and doodling projects (right). Kate Pullen (traditional stamped image on the left from Wikimedia)

    If you are a fan of paisley images but don't have a paisley rubber stamp, you can always recreate a pretty paisley image using a few basic supplies. This is also the perfect way to create an image to make an adult coloring page.

    The Paisley Design

    The paisley design is much loved by stampers and crafters due, no doubt, to the complex designs which give plenty of scope for coloring and creating different effects. The traditional teardrop design of the paisley image often features in rubber stamping...MORE companies rubber stamp collections (see examples and Compare Prices. The paisley motif also is a popular theme in digital stamp designs. We have a free version here that you are welcome to download and practice with - Free Paisley Motif Digital Stamp. The paisley design is a traditional design that has it's roots in Eastern culture. Examples of these designs can be found in traditional Indian and Persian fabrics and decorations. The name paisley comes from the Scottish town of the same name, which produced many clothes and fabrics with the paisley image and designs. The teardrop paisley shape is filled in with intricate designs and this is why this design is also a popular choice with people who love to doodle.

    The image above shows my own version of a paisley image, with an outline stamped with a paper tube and the inside filled with doodles. The stamp in the image is a stamp used for the traditional hand made printed tissues crafting in Esfahan, Iran (image courtesy Wikimedia)

    Create Your Own Doodle Paisley Image

    To create your own stamp and doodle paisley image you simply need an item to stamp with which will give you the teardrop outline to fill with doodled images. I used the inside of a roll of kitchen paper to create the teardrop image above. For more information about how to improvise and stamp with materials other than rubber stamps then check out this article - How to Stamp with Improvised Materials. A paper tube is ideal for making a paisley shape as you simply need to squeeze one side of the roll to create a tear drop shape and then use this to stamp with. More information about stamping with cardboard tubes can be found here - Stamp with Cardboard Tubes.


    To create a stamp and doodle image of a paisley design simply:

    • Squeeze one side of the paper tube to make a paisley teardrop shape. Press this into an ink pad and then press this onto a piece of paper to make a paisley teardrop shape.
    • When the ink is dry, take a marker pen and start to fill the inside of the shape with doodles. Let your creativity take over as you fill in the shape and use a combination of designs to create a rich decorative image. When you have finished, you can color the paisley image or leave it plain. For more information about doodling and stamping see our tutorial here - Stamp and Doodle Tutorial. For more information about doodling take a look at this article from our Drawing and Sketching Guide - Designing a Doodle.