Stamp or Print with a Feather

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    How to Stamp or Print with a Feather

    How to Stamp or Print With a Feather. Kate Pullen

    Stamp or print with a feather to produce unusual images that are ideal for using in a wide variety of projects. Many different items can be used to stamp or print with, however a feather with it's intricate detail creates images that are particularly good for card making, scrapbooking and other papercraft projects. The elegant feather images belie the low cost nature of this technique and this is certainly a budget stamping project with a difference!

    The print is made by inking a feather and...MORE sandwiching it between two pieces of paper. The print of the feather is captured on both sides of the paper, however the most detail comes from the front of the feather where the shaft is less prominent.

    Materials Required

    • Feather
    • Ink
    • Brayer
    See the following pages for a step by step guide.
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    Ink the Feather

    Ink the Feather
    Ink the Feather. Kate Pullen
    Place the feather onto a piece of scrap paper face up. Ink the feather using a brayer. If you do not have a brayer then try rubbing the feather with the ink pad. Make sure that the feather is well inked.
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    Place Inked Feather on Paper

    Rub the Paper
    Rub the Paper. Kate Pullen
    Place the inked feather onto a piece of paper. Either place another piece of paper on top or fold the paper into two. Rub the paper well to transfer the ink from the feather to the paper.
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    Carefully Remove the Feather

    Remove the Feather
    Remove the Feather. Kate Pullen
    Carefully remove the feather and leave the paper to one side to dry if necessary. The feather will have left a print on both sides of the paper.
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    Multiple Feather Prints

    Multiple Feather Prints
    Multiple Feather Prints. Kate Pullen

    The feather print can be used in many ways. Cut the print from the paper and attach it to a card blank to create a quick and easy greeting card. The technique can also be used to create interesting background papers. Repeat the technique to create multiple feather prints. Each print is likely to be different which creates an interesting effect.

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