Standard Sizes for Various Types of Furniture

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Most furniture is manufactured to standard measurements. It makes the process of arranging furniture easier when you know those standard measurements before you buy. Once you know bed or couch dimensions, for example, it is easier to know what pieces will fit into your space. Although these measurements are standard, always check the specific dimensions of an item you are purchasing to make sure it fits your needs.

Living Room Couch and Furniture Dimensions

Although one couch may look very different from another sofa because of style, color, or upholstery fabric, most sofas share the same approximate measurements. This also applies to other pieces of living room furniture such as coffee tables and end tables. When you have an idea of roughly how big a piece is, you can plan how many pieces will fit in the room and where they go so the room flows efficiently. Here are the standard table and couch dimensions, plus a few other items that you may want in your living space:

  • Three-seat sofa: 38-inches deep by 90-inches wide
  • Loveseat: 38-inches deep by 60-inches wide
  • Armchair: 35-inches deep by 35-inches wide
  • Coffee Table: 48-inches long by 30-inches wide
  • Square end table: 24-inches long by 24-inches wide
  • Rectangular end table: 28-inches long by 25-inches wide
  • Four-shelf bookcase: 54-inches tall by 45-inches wide
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Stands and console tables that hold flat-screen TVs come in all styles—some even with built-in fireplaces—but they are sold by the maximum size TV they can fit. That means you will need to measure your TV diagonally, from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, rather than by height and width, to find the correct size stand to buy. The most common TVs that sit on stands measure from 30 inches up to 75 inches and more.

illustration of standard 3-seat sofa dimensions

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Dining Room Furniture Measurements

Dining room tables and chairs are also usually made according to standard measurements. These have many variations for different kinds of dining tables. Chairs will slightly vary in size as well. The measurements below are what you can expect to find on average:

  • Dining table with one leaf: 72-inches long by 36-inches wide
  • Round dining table for four people: From a 36-inch diameter to a 44-inch diameter
  • Side chair: 18-inches deep by 18-inches wide
  • Armchair: 18-inches deep by 22-inches wide
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Bedroom Furniture Measurements

Bedroom furniture usually includes a bed, one nightstand (or two), and a chest of drawers. The measurements for beds are more standardized than for any other piece of furniture, due to needing a standard size of mattress and bedding.

Nightstands and chests can vary, and there are several types of chests. The numbers below are for a basic, small chest:

  • Twin-size bed: 39-inches wide by 80-inches long
  • Double or full-size bed: 54-inches wide by 80-inches long
  • Queen-size bed: 60-inches wide by 80-inches long
  • Eastern king-size bed: 76-inches wide by 80-inches long
  • California king-size bed: 72-inches wide by 84-inches long
  • Chest of drawers: 30-inches wide by 18-inches deep
  • Nightstand: 18-inches wide by 18-inches deep
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Home Office Furniture

Home offices are often tucked into various places in the home so their sizes and layouts greatly vary, sometimes making it a challenge to find furniture that fits the space. Home office desks were traditionally larger, but today you can pick from smaller scaled desks and chairs. The dimensions will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer because there is an emphasis on office furniture that fits the user's body size and needs:

  • Traditional office desk: 48-inches wide by 30-inches deep by 30-inches tall 
  • Desk chairs: 20- to 22-inches wide by 36-inches tall
  • Computer chairs: 18-inches wide by 36-inches tall
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Patio Furniture

Patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. But as outdoor rooms have evolved and become more sophisticated, so have the sizes, shapes, and styles of patio furniture. Choosing patio furniture, such as seating and dining sets, is similar to selecting living room and dining room furniture.

  • Rectangle dining table: 40- to 102-inches long by 42-inches wide by 28- to 30-inches average height of any size and shape table
  • Square dining table: 30- to 64-inches square
  • Round dining table: 24- to 60-inches in diameter
  • Counter height table: 34- to 36-inches tall any size and shape table
  • Counter height chair/stool: 24- to 26-inches tall floor to top of seat
  • Bar height table: 40- to 42-inches tall any size and shape table
  • Bar height stool: 28- to 30-inches tall floor to top of seat
  • Chaise lounge chair: 78-inches long by 20.5 inches wide
  • Coffee and end table: 15- to 19-inches tall any size and shape table
  • Firepit table: 20- to 25-inches tall any size and shape table
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Kitchen Furniture and Appliances

Kitchens consist mostly of cabinetry, ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, and table sets if there's room. Common cabinetry is sized to accommodate appliances to streamline the space. Kitchen islands, however, come in various sizes depending on their built-in amenities, and many are customized. Here are some sizes of basic kitchen furniture and appliances.

  • Square breakfast table for four people: 36-inches by 36-inches
  • Dishwasher: 24-inches wide by 24-inches deep by 35 inches tall 
  • Side-by-side refrigerator (standard, not counter-depth): 30- to 36-inches wide by 29- to 35-inches deep by 67- to 70-inches tall
  • Freestanding range: 30-inches wide by 36-inches tall
  • Base cabinet: 36-inches wide by 24- to 26-inches deep by 35- to 36-inches tall
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Custom Furniture

If the standard size furniture you want won't seem to fit into your space, consider ordering custom furniture and non-standard sizes. You can go the DIY route and make your own furniture. Or try retailers, such as Ikea, where you may find just the right non-standard size item that may fit a smaller—or much larger—space. If you are shopping for furniture coming from another country, always check the dimensions because international measurements for furniture differ from standard sizes in the U.S.