7 Standing Desks and Workstations for Small Spaces

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We all know that sitting in front of our computers for hours on end can expand our waistlines and, at worst, shorten our lives. A standing desk can help you stay healthy. These nine compact ideas are perfect for small workspaces and offer great opportunities to get you out of your seat and on your feet.

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    A Desk That's Made to Grab and Go

    Storkstand Portable Standing Desk

    The Storkstand is an easy-to-carry, doctor recommended option that weighs only 4.2 pounds. To use, just attach to your office chair. When you’re done, the Storkstand folds into a sleek 17-inch by 15.5-inch by 2.25-inch rectangle. The desk fits either a 13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch laptop, and it can support up to 50 pounds.

    Tip: To reap the health benefits associated with using a standing desk you just need to get out of your chair every 20 minutes and stand for at least two minutes.

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    A Desk That Mounts to a Wall

    Podpad Wall Mounted Desk

    If you need to create a micro-home office, the Podpad is a solution that mounts to a wall using a provided French cleat. When open, this compact system reveals a small desk and filing area for papers and mail. When closed the unit turns into a charging station for all of your electronic devices. 

    Tip: When using a computer on a standing desk, keeping your wrists straight and your upper arms close to your body slightly below elbow level can prevent injuries like carpal tunnel.

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    Automatic Height Adjustment

    StandDesk SmallSpaces

    Automatic standing desks can cost thousands of dollars. The StandDesk is a game-changer. Not only does it automatically adjust its height with the press of a button, and costs hundreds less than a standard automatic desk.

    Tip: To avoid foot pain, wear shoes with cushioned insoles while using a standing desk.

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    A DIY Standing Desk System

    Modos StandUpDesk Office

    Modos is a modular furniture system that will let you create shelves or a standing desk without using tools. The Modos Standing Desk Kit includes boards made from sustainably sourced FSC-Certified wood and easy-to-use metal connectors. 

    Tip: Using a standing desk can help you burn hundreds of calories. To estimate how much you'll burn, use the standing calorie calculator at​ Juststand.org

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    A Modern Desk with a Vintage Twist

    Adler Adjustable Desk
    Ohio Design

    The Adler Table by Ohio Design has a look that hearkens back to the industrial era. What makes this a real stand-out is that it uses an old-school machinist crank to adjust the table height from 27-inches to 42-inches.  

    Tip: An anti-fatigue floor mat can make standing at your desk more comfortable.

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    The Cardboard Standing Desk

    Chairgami Cardboard Desk

    The Chairigami standing desk is lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly. Chairgami is a cardboard furniture company that manufactures here in the U.S. Their standing desk, like all the pieces they create, is crafted from a three-ply corrugated board — and that's it, no glue, staples or resins. Better still, this 42-inch long by 24-inch wide by 42-inch tall workstation is made from renewable resources: 70 percent recycled cardboard and 30 percent FSC certified virgin fiber. 

    Tip: Here's how you can prevent neck pain when using a standing desk. First keep your computer screen an arm's length away, directly in front of your body. Next, adjust your desk height, so your computer screen is a tad below eye level.

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    This Floating Desk Is Perfect for Standing

    Wall mounted desk called Cutter

    The Cutter is a compact work area that you mount to a wall at your preferred height. It includes two storage cubbies and a built-in cord management system that eliminates cord clutter. 

    Tip: While sitting all day is not healthy, standing all day can make knees hurt and at worst cause varicose veins. To avoid these potential health issues, alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day.

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