Staple Sheet Vinyl Flooring Instead of Using Glue

Installing Sheet Vinyl Floor

Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

Two of the biggest problems with installing sheet vinyl are cutting it precisely to fit around obstructions and adhering it to the floor with glue.

There is a way of installing sheet vinyl without glue, and it is called perimeter-install. The vinyl is laid on the floor, much like any other floating floor and only the edges are attached to the subfloor.


No glue! Gluing down vinyl flooring is a sticky, smelly activity. On top of wrangling this heavy, unwieldy piece of vinyl, you have to deal with large quantities of glue.


There is still some slippage if the sheet is not installed correctly. Also, perimeter installation involves stretching the sheet slightly. Stretched vinyl is more susceptible to tears and punctures. Finally, you need to use an awful lot of staples—every two inches—and this can get tedious.

How To Do It

The sheet vinyl is cut to size. Staples from a regular heavy-duty shop staple gun are driven into place every two inches all along the perimeter. Keep the staples as close the edge as possible, but not so close that they might tear out.

The baseboards will cover the staples. In fact, you can use your baseboard to tell you how close to the edge you should staple. Be careful: these staples are hard to remove without nicking the flooring.

Absolutely no glue? Not exactly. You should still use some glue at doorways and around obstacles where staples cannot be installed.