Star on a Home Makeover Show

What You'll Need to Increase Your Chances of Being Cast

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Many of us are smitten with HGTV, DIY Network, and other home improvement networks and have often envisioned ourselves scoring a spot on a home makeover show. Since many homeowners featured on these shows not only gain free design help but also have a portion or all of the improvement costs paid for by the show, starring on a home makeover show sounds like a dream come true.

Though the popularity of home makeover shows means that casting calls are limited and competition for shows is high, it’s actually not impossible to find your way onto one of these shows. Persistence, a shining personality, and a willingness to work are a must. But if you possess these qualities, your chance of starring in a home makeover show is worth the effort.

Have you always dreamed of starring on a home makeover show? If so, here are some things you will need to go about realizing your dream!

A Stellar Attitude

Your chances of being cast depend more on you than your home. Producers and hosts are looking for homeowners who have personalities (and looks—sorry, it is television!) that will naturally attract viewers. Unfortunately, one is usually born with this ability to shine, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of being cast. Do you have a unique story about how you and your spouse met? Have you dealt with personal challenges in life? Is there a special story surrounding your remodel or home? If so, share it! These are the things producers are looking for.

Location, Location, Location

This one boils down to being in the right place at the right time. Most producers are looking for homes (and homeowners) located within a limited amount of miles from the studio’s location. A few shows pluck homeowners straight from a home improvement store, with little to no advance notice. To greatly increase your chances, start with the home makeover shows that are filmed in and around your area.

Shows That Fit Your Project and Personality

You shouldn’t apply for a kitchen remodeling show if you just updated your kitchen last year. Home makeover shows are looking for real, authentic people with real, authentic needs. And don’t apply for home makeover shows that require you to be the main host if you don’t enjoy the limelight. Even if you are cast, you won’t enjoy it, and neither will the viewers.

Attention to Detail

When you are applying for a show, be sure to follow the application instructions perfectly. Many applicants don’t make it past the first step because they don’t follow the directions. But once you know you’ve nailed down exactly what the show is looking for and how to apply, go the extra mile. Think of unique ways to make your application stand out. For example, if videos are allowed, it may be worth it to spend the time creating a professional-looking video with unique packaging.

Money and Time Commitment

Even if the entire makeover is paid for by the show, you will still have some financial and time obligations. You will probably have to take off work and travel may be required before, during, and after filming. Depending upon the project, your property taxes, upkeep, liability, utilities, and other related expenses may increase.

How to Apply

The two major home improvement networks are DIY Network and HGTV, also known as Home and Garden Television. These networks handle most of the home makeover shows currently produced, but if there is a specific show you are interested in, visit their individual website and follow them via Twitter and/or Facebook. Many of the casting calls are announced there first.

If you are interested in starring on one of the major home improvement networks or shows, links to the websites are listed below. All of the listings are updated frequently, so check out these links often for casting calls, information, how to apply, and more!

Other Options

If you deeply desire a home makeover but your pockets are too shallow and you aren’t able to star on a home makeover show, try entering a few home and garden sweepstakes or giveaways. These contests are easy to enter online and available to all. And you never know when you may score a home makeover for free!

Another option? Be your own DIY crew. Many homeowners mistakenly think that being on a home makeover show is the easiest way to DIY. Actually, skipping the crew and doing your home improvement project yourself is the easiest—and often the cheapest—way to go. Follow the links below for articles that can help you get started and be the one-and-only star of your own home improvement story.