Star Pinwheel for Scrapbooking and Card Making

Free Star Pinwheel Pattern and Step by Step Instructions

Pinwheels are hot in scrapbooking and card making. The star pinwheel takes the simple pinwheel shape and adds even more to the design. The Easy Pinwheel with a free pattern is a quick 3-D embellishment that you can make in minutes. When you have mastered the Easy Pinwheel, you will want to try this Star Pinwheel. This five-sided design can be made in any size you wish by adjusting the size of the free pattern below. These step by step instructions will walk you through how easy it is to use this...MORE pattern to make the more intricate Star Pinwheel 3-D embellishment.

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    Free Star Pinwheel Pattern

    Free star pinwheel pattern for scrapbooking and card making. Rebecca Ludens

    The Easy Pinwheel has a simple pattern and the Mini Pinwheels do not require a pattern at all, however, the Star Pinwheel is a bit more intricate. For this pinwheel, the pattern will help you make sure that each of your cuts ​is at the correct angle to make this five-pointed design. To save this pattern to your computer, click on the image shown here to see it full-size. Then, right click on the full-size pattern and select "save as." You can insert the image into a word processing...MORE document so that you can re-size the pattern so that you can make star pinwheels in any size that would work with your paper crafting project.

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    Completed Star Pinwheel

    Greeting card decorated with the completed star pinwheel. Rebecca Ludens

    The completed star pinwheel is mounted here on a fun greeting card and would work equally well as the star attraction on a scrapbook page. Pinwheels can be used in place of flowers on scrapbook pages to give them some extra playfulness and dimension.

    Supplies Used: Double-sided patterned cardstock weight paper by Fancy Pants Designs, Inc. All of the papers shown here come from the Be You. collection and include titles such as "Nesting," "Daffodils," and "Cards." The card...MORE is accented with a sticker from the Be You. Elements cardstock stickers. The brad is from Hot Off the Press.

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    Choose Your Paper

    How to make a star shaped pinwheel for scrapbooking and card making - choosing the patterned paper. Rebecca Ludens

    When starting a pinwheel, the most important thing is your choice of paper. A good cardstock-weight patterned paper with printing on both sides will be perfect. For the star pinwheel shown here, I used the paper called "Daffodils" from the Be You. collection by Fancy Pants Designs, Inc. The paper has a denim-like print in a light green on one side and a floral print on the opposite side. It is perfect for festive, summer themed pinwheels.

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    Cut Out the Design and Punch Holes

    How to make a star shaped pinwheel for scrapbooking and card making - cutting slits and poking holes. Rebecca Ludens

    To get started, carefully cut the cardstock to size using the pattern as a guide. Then, follow the lines on the pattern to cut the slits in the pentagon shape. And, finally, before assembly begins, use an office push-pin and a mouse pad to poke holes in each spot indicated on the pattern.

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    Start a Brad Through One Hole

    How to make a star shaped pinwheel for scrapbooking and card making - Add Brad. Rebecca Ludens

    Pick one of the outside holes and press a brad through from the back to the front. Curl the wing towards the center of the pinwheel.

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    Add More Sections on to the Brad

    How to make a star shaped pinwheel for scrapbooking and card making - Add more wings to the brad. Rebecca Ludens

    Continue adding more "wings" to the brad as you curl them towards the center of the pinwheel. Add the brad to each hole being careful not to tear the paper. You may need to use the push-pin to increase the size of each hole if you are using a full-size brad.

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    Press Brad Down Through Center Hole

    Making a star pinwheel for scrapbooking and card making continuing steps with adding the brad to the middle. Rebecca Ludens

    Finish the construction of the star pinwheel by pressing the brad through the center hole of the cardstock. This will hold all of the wings in place and give the pinwheel its final shape.

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    Complete with Foam Tape

    Making a star pinwheel for scrapbooking and card making using foam tape for dimension. Rebecca Ludens

    Finally, double-sided adhesive foam tape is added inside each wing to make sure that they do not get flattened in a scrapbook or on a greeting card.