Star Wars Party Food Ideas

If you're having a Star Wars party, there are lots of things you can do to amp up your food decoration game. From yoda soda to wookie cookies, you can have a full Star Wars extravaganza without majorly breaking the bank. Below, here are eight great ideas for dressing up your food to celebrate Star Wars-style.

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    Stormtrooper Cupcakes

    Star Wars Stormtrooper Cupcakes
    Crazy About My Baybah

    When Lauren of Crazy About my Baybah needed last-minute cupcake toppers for her son's birthday, she got creative with a bag of marshmallows and made these easy stormtrooper cupcakes. Not only are they adorable but completely edible. Move over, paper toppers, and make room for the marshmallow troopers!

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    Light Saber Pretzels

    Star Wars light saber pretzels
    Two Sisters Crafting

    In honor of Star Wars Day, Laurie from Two Sisters Crafting created a batch of these colorful lightsaber pretzels. Check out her tutorial so that you can make lightsaber pretzels as well, whether it be on May 4th, to celebrate a viewing of the Star Wars films, or for a Star Wars birthday party theme

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    Luke Skywater

    Star Wars party food: Luke Skywater
    Mimi's Dollhouse

    What better way to wash down those lightsaber pretzels than with some thirst-quenching water? But since we're celebrating Star Wars, plain old water just won't do. After all, if the pretzels are lightsabers, shouldn't the water be Star Wars-themed as well? Mimi, of Mimi's Dollhouse shares a Star Wars party that featured her creative printables, one of which is this fantastic label for turning ordinary H2O into "Luke Skywater." 

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    Yoda Soda and Vader Ade

    Star Wars food: Yoda Soda and Vadar Ade
    Penny's Parties

    Who doesn't love using labels to turn ordinary party food into extraordinary edibles that fit perfectly into your party theme? Well, that's exactly what Penny of Penny's Parties did when she made these Yoda Soda and Vadar Ade beverage dispensers for this Star Wars birthday party. Drink up, young Jedis!

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    Jabba the Pizza Hut

    Star Wars Pizza
    Pretty Providence

    As much as we all love creative, themed party foods, it's also very easy to equally love the idea of just ordering up some pizza delivery. Well, Sarah of Pretty Providence shares a way to do both with this clever "Jabba the Pizza Hutt" that was served at her nephew's Star Wars birthday bash.

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    Carbonite Jello

    Star Wars Carbonite Jello
    Short Stop Blog

    When Sarah Short of Short Stop Blog wanted to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th) with her kids, she created a menu of simple, fun, Star Wars themed food. Included in her menu was this awesome creation of carbonite jello. Check out her ideas and make some Han-Solo-suspended-in-gelatin of your own -- sure to be a hit at your kids' Star Wars party!

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    Wookie Cookies

    Star Wars Wookie Cookies
    Penny's Parties

    Another gem from Penny's Parties are these adorable Wookie cookies! Serve them at your Star Wars party, and I'll bet no one will resist these "chewy" delights. 

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    Princess Leia Cupcakes

    Princess Leia Cupcakes
    Paintbrushes and Popsicles

    Jenae of Paintbrushes and Popsicles shares how to make these adorable Princess Leia cupcakes. Check out her recipe to make these for your own celebration of all things Star Wars.