Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino Blended Coffee Review

Starbucks Coffee sign
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Since Starbucks coffee shops are common in most areas and their products are designed to be picked up on the go, taking a look at Starbucks' line of "healthier" drinks, such as the Mocha Light Frappuccino Blended Coffee, just made sense.

The Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino is a tasty, iced-coffee drink with a mocha sauce blended into it. It has a light-brown color with swirls of white froth that help to keep the drink a little bit lighter until it settles.

Once the drink settles due to melting, the flavors get a little inconsistent and heavy depending on where your straw is. While one sip could be mocha sweet, another sip could be more watery or frothy. As a result, it is probably better to drink the frappuccino quicker unless you have a stirrer to keep the drink mixed well.

Let the Sugar Conscious Beware

If you compare the nutritional stats, the Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino has 1/3 less calories than the regular Mocha Frappuccino. While it does not claim to be sugar-free, it's easy to mistakenly assume, as many casual coffee drinkers do, that because the drink has significantly fewer calories that there is some kind of reduced-sugar option used. In fact, this drink still contains a full serving of sugar. We confirmed the use of sugar and Starbucks' meaning of "light" after calling the Starbucks' information line -- "light" to Starbucks means using non-fat milk and no whipped cream on top.

For a better Starbucks sugar-free option, try the Iced Skinny Lattes. The lesson learned here is to make sure you ask for sugar-free options or read all the fine print before you buy.

The Bottom Line

Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino is more like a dessert than a coffee and has a high sugar content.


  • 1/3 fewer calories than the regular version
  • Tasty mocha flavor
  • Cool and refreshing


  • Tons of sugar -- 12g to 38g depending on size
  • Consistency and flavor change quickly as it melts and settles
  • A little heavy


  • Ice-blended mocha coffee
  • Approximately $3.50 to $5 depending on location and size
  • 100 to 190 calories and 23g to 45g of carbohydrates depending on size

Nutrition Facts for Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino Blended Coffee

Per 16-ounce serving: 140 calories, 5 calories from fat, 0.5g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 180mg sodium, 28g total carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber, 26g sugars, 4g protein, 4% vitamin A, 10% calcium, 8% iron, 85mg caffeine