Starlight Six Giant Flea Market in Atlanta

Flea Market Finds
"Random flea market finds" © Pixel @improbcat, Creative Commons License

The last remaining Atlanta drive-in theatre, the historic Starlight Six, opens its grounds each weekend for a huge, open-air Starlight Six Giant Flea Market where guests can wander around the six outdoor movie screens to browse the wares of hundreds of sellers.

The atmosphere for these Giant Flea Markets is that of an outdoor party, and although the merchandise is more of garage sale fare than commercial antiques, the prices are low and the selections expansive enough to keep you entertained throughout the event.

With no permanent vendors the merchandise varies from week to week, but you'll usually find antique to nearly-new furniture, jewelry, clothing, lamps and other lighting fixtures, handmade artwork and decorative items, and glassware and dishes.

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General Information About the Giant Flea Market

Located at 2000 Moreland Avenue SouthEast in Atlanta, Georgia, on the grounds of the Starlight Six Drive-In Theater, the weekly Giant Flea Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m.—for a complete list of holiday and seasonal closings and special events, please visit the official Giant Flea Market website.

In terms of rules, there are no alcoholic beverages or pets are allowed on-premise and each ticket only guarantees one entry (no re-entries or rain checks); guests are also not allowed to ride bicycles, scooters, or skateboards inside the event (though you're more than welcome to bike to the market).

The market itself contains more vintage merchandise than new, and dealers are more likely to negotiate at the end of the day when it's time to pack up their gear. Additionally, vendors are not permitted to sell food or drink, but concessions and coffee are available from the theater's snack bar and outside food and beverages are allowed inside the market.

Vending at Starlight Six Giant Flea Market

If you'd like to sell your own merchandise at the Giant Flea Market, spaces can be rented for one day by coming to the flea market and paying a one-time rental fee ($20 in 2017), cash only. Alternatively, you can also rent out monthly spaces if you plan on making vending a weekend habit.

Although vendors are not allowed to request a specific space, which are assigned upon arrival, no reservations are necessary to sell your goods and secure a spot. Additionally, vendors can purchase up to four spaces (at $20 each), though there will be an extra cleaning deposit of $15 applied to each spot.

Vendors are responsible for following all seller rules and regulations of the Starlight Giant Flea Market, and event staff reserves the rights to refuse service to any vendor or guest based on current or past actions that violate these rules.

Items that are not allowed to be sold at the Giant Flea Market include firearms or ammunition of any kind, martial arts weapons, videotapes, tobacco, beverages, canned goods, candy, food, medical preparations, narcotic paraphernalia, birds, fish, animals, mattresses, overstuffed furniture, counterfeit merchandise, or vehicles of any variety.