4 Ways to Start Working at Home

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    How to Get Started Working at Home

    How to Work From Home

    If working at home is your dream, but you're not sure how to make it your reality, read through these 4 ways a person might work from home. Consider the pros and cons of each through the lens of the demands of your life, your skills, and desires. Then start making a plan for how you will work at home.


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    Turn Your Current Job into a Telecommuting Position

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    The first option to consider is the one that involves the least amount of change, taking your current in-office job and turning it into a telecommuting position.

    And research and reflection are the first steps to transitioning your current position from an office job to home-based. Learn everything there is to know about your company's telework policies then think about how these might (or might not) be applied to your job.

    If you think you have a good case, the next step is to write a...MORE telecommuting proposal for your boss. To get started, explore these resources:

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    Find a New Work-at-Home Job

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    So if it seems that turning your current job into a telecommuting one is a long shot, the next best way to start working from home is to find a new job. If you stay within your field of experience, you will likely make more money than if you try something different. However, if your career area just doesn't offer a lot of telecommuting opportunities, you may need to strike out into something new.

    Browse these 12 careers where you can work at home. If your current line of work isn't among...MORE them, then look through this list of 200+ companies with work at home jobs.

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    Start Your Own Home Business

    Home Business
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    A home business has many advantages. It can take many forms--everything from hanging out a shingle as a consultant in work you already do (aka freelancing) to starting a new business from scratch to purchasing an existing business or franchise to working in direct sales, selling to friends and family. Each of these options will have different start-up costs, time commitments, and payoffs.

    Home businesses can be the kind of thing that you start small with or the kind of thing that consumes your...MORE life. So as you consider a home business, research what will work best for you with these resources:



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    Pick Up Extra Cash From Home

    Earn Cash From Home
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    If you're really not up for a whole life/career change, but you'd still like to supplement your income, try moonlighting from home. Here are several ways you can make extra money in your spare time from home: