Ideas for a Statement Backsplash

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    How a Statement Backsplash Can Bring your Kitchen to Life

    Matthew Quinn via Pinterest

    Gosh, I love a good backsplash. In so many spaces the right backsplash application can really bring a space to life and make it unforgettable. Of course the backsplash can also be a quite backdrop, allowing other elements in the space to shine, but that is not the type of backsplash we are going to be talking about today. Nay, today we are going to explore some backsplashes that steal the show, demand attention and make a big, pretty statement. 

    There are loads of options when it comes to back splash tile, but who says tile is the only way to go? In the kitchen above, Atlanta based Kitchen designer, Matthew Quinn used a standard subway tile mixed with marble to create a powerful focal point below the hood. The marble is an extension of the countertop used around the kitchen perimeter and was installed in a unique custom design which created such beautiful, dramatic moment in this kitchen. 

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    Carry Your Countertops into Your Backsplash via Pinterest

    Another cool option for extending the countertops up the wall is to keep things sleek and simple like in the kitchen above. I love how the same marble material used on the countertops was extended to create the backsplash and then was capped off with a shelf out of the same material. This approach adds a quite drama to the space without overpowering. 

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    Moroccan Inspired Tile Brings Instant Glamour to the Kitchen via Pinterest

    This moroccan inspired backsplash is so fun! I love the pattern, the colors and the instant unique glamour it brings to this kitchen. Of course opting for a statement backsplash like this takes some commitment as it is a definite dedication to some bold colors. But if you are feeling brave and confident I say go for it and reap the visual benefits of a unique kitchen space, bursting with personality. 

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    Exposed Stone Brings Texture and Life via Pinterest

    This partially exposed stone is so bold and pretty! I love the washed out tone of the backsplash in addition to the unique texture it brings to an otherwise super sleek space. This specific application could be hard to clean should some spaghetti sauce get splashed up there, but the designer of this space was clever in that they installed what appears to be a quartz stone about  8" above the countertop before beginning the exposed stone splash. In addition they took this quartz (easy to clean/wipe surface) all the way up behind the cooktop which is where the majority of messes occur during cooking. It is the best of two worlds...practical and beautiful!

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    A Chalkboard Backsplash via Pinterest

    Now this is just fun! A chalkboard backsplash....does it get cooler? I have used the Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint on my pantry door at my house, but I had never considered it for the backsplash. I am not sure how this application would wear over time, but there is no denying the fun factor.  One of the benefits of this idea is the opportunity for the ever-changing vibe. One day the backsplash could hold your grocery list and the next, a motivational quote. The options and ideas are limitless! 

    The backsplash is definitely a place to have some fun in the kitchen. One thing is for sure, long gone are the days when a backsplash was merely a utilitarian surface for all the split and splatters of an actual working kitchen. Today, backslashes, while still utilitarian in nature (most of the time) can be really be a main ingredient for a fabulous kitchen!