8 Statement Chairs to Liven up Any Room in Your Home

Yellow statement chair

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Once you're done with the basics of decorating a room—sofa, wall colors, tables, that kind of thing—you finally get to start having some fun. Why is it the case that adding the little touches, the unusual flourishes and personal pieces—is the best part?​

One of the best ways to add character to a room is with a statement chair—something slightly unexpected and bold that stands out while also bringing the mood of the room together.

From wicker peacock chairs—that invoke 1970s French Riviera vibes—to a timeless Eames chair that will never go out of style, read about these eight unique and room-making chairs that will give any room some unexpected charm.

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    A Classic Eames Chair

    Traditional Eames chair and footrest
    Courtesy of Herman Miller

    Ah, the Eames chair. Introduced all the way back in 1956, this iconic piece of furniture hasn't lost any of its impact over the last five decades. Despite its age, the Eames chair and ottoman haven't seemed to age a day—the design remains fresh and functional today. Splurge on this classic for your den or living room so you can have a comfortable view while you watch their faces contort in envy!

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    Portrait Chair With an Animal Applique

    Portrait chair with a tiger applique
    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    Don't you think this chair is kind of sexy? The beautiful robin's egg blue color of this chair contrasts with the dramatic, elegant tiger appliqué. Use this chair as part of a glamorous vanity set up or as a quirky addition to a traditional living room.

    Palace portrait chair from Anthropologie

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    Mid-Century Modern Velvet Chair

    Mid-century modern chair
    Courtesy of Article

    The lush fabric on this chair adds such a deep and sophisticated element to any room but makes an especially great statement in the form of an accent chair. Play up warm tones with this mid-century modern chair in an on-trend shade of burgundy.

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    Metal Honeycomb Chair

    Metal honeycomb chair
    Courtesy of CB2

    For the truly design-focused home, no ordinary statement chair will do. This honeycomb creation is surprisingly affordable, you can find it at CB2 for less than $500.

    Mosaico statement chair from CB2

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    Fiberglass Rocking Chair

    Fiberglass rocking chair
    Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

    A chair doesn't have to be flashy or colorful to make a statement in your home. Sometimes all you need is something unexpected or out-of-character as compared to the rest of the room. This fiberglass rocking chair would add a unique dash of mid-century modern cool to a bohemian or industrial space.

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    Sherpa-Style Wool Arm Chair

    Sherpa-style wool arm chair
    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    What if every time you sat in a chair, it felt like cuddling your favorite childhood stuffed animal? Or being instantly enveloped in a hug? This incredibly unique chair from Anthropologie is covered in soft sherpa pile and looks almost too cozy for words. This chair is the ultimate finishing touch in a modern cabin atmosphere.

    Wool Hartwell chair from Anthropologie

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    Leather Swivel Chair

    Leather swivel chair in a home library
    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    Ah yes, a leather club chair—the classic den piece. If you're looking to change things up from the expected, why not opt for a comfortable, slightly indulgent swivel chair in a supple tan leather? The modern shape and timeless details come together in this one from Pottery Barn.

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    Cowhide Butterfly Chair

    Cowhide butterfly chair
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Hey there cowgirl! This authentic genuine leather butterfly chair is casual and comfortable—the perfect accent for an industrial or rustic room or even a nursery. For bonus points, throw on a colorful printed or embroidered throw pillow.