Statement Lighting Will Be Huge in 2022, According to Etsy

kitchen island statement lighting

Lo Miller for Tiffany Leigh Design

If you're a design lover, you know by now that the lighting in your house or apartment should be more than just functional. Light fixtures are an incredible way to showcase your personal style and add major intrigue to any space, from the living room to the powder room. As we look ahead to 2022, we're ultra excited to hear that statement lighting will be sticking around and has increased in popularity.

A recent trend report from Etsy reveals that many shoppers have statement lighting on their minds as of late. Searches for "70s lighting" (think: mushroom-shaped pendants, bold sculptural shapes, and fun retro colors) increased by 344 percent on the website compared to the same three-month period examined last year. Meanwhile, queries for sculptural or decorative lighting, vintage lighting, and colorful lighting have also all increased by roughly 25 percent each. "Lighting has been a long overlooked part of design in many people's homes, so I'm happy to see statement lighting trending," Ontario-based designer Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski says. "Statement lighting can help add sculpture and vertical interest to a space."

large statement light in bedroom

Kelsey Ann Rose for Megan Hopp

Transformative Additions

Pros agree that statement lighting can significantly transform spaces of all kinds. "I love how lighting can act as the jewelry of the room," designer Michelle Gage says. "A chandelier can make a major statement and add some sparkle to any space." Renting and not looking to make major changes to your ceiling? You can still make a major impact on a smaller scale, Gage notes. "Sconces beside your bed can add a pop of color to otherwise neutral walls," she shares. "Don’t forget about table lamps—they can be funky, too!"

But if you are eager to jazz up your rental and receive permission from your landlord to replace overhead light fixtures, by all means, go for it—statement pieces can also make for worthwhile investments that can move from home to home. "A great lamp or ceiling fixture can transform a room with relatively simple furniture and usually travels well from house to house or apartment to apartment," designer Adnan Anwar states. He particularly enjoys incorporating bold fixtures in rooms with high ceilings. "They act like sculptures to fill the cavernous space and ground the room."

brass statement lighting in dining room

Raquel Langworthy for Danielle Chiprut

Get Experimental

Additionally, statement fixtures are an excellent way to experiment with new styles and finishes that people may ordinarily shy away from using. Designer Danielle Chiprut explains, "Statement lighting gives you the opportunity to add depth and interest to your space by intentionally mixing metals, textures, and shapes throughout your home."

Piotrowski, too, enjoys having fun with textural lighting and is especially partial to organic materials. "Try a pendant with an interesting natural texture, like a wicker weave, to keep things warm, inviting, and to throw an interesting light pattern on the walls when turned on!"

Not sure how large to go with statement pieces? In her projects, designer Megan Hopp enjoys incorporating fixtures that make a maximum impact. "My rule of thumb with lighting is to go as big and bold and noticeable as possible, without the actual piece or fixture being a nuisance or hazard," she says. "I'm sometimes questioned by clients if the lighting will be too big or too much—let's just say I have never seen the day!" Piotrowski agrees and notes that what may initially seem like a design risk looks fabulous once installed. "In fact, I've had electricians ask me if I ordered the correct size pendants for over an island because they felt they were too big, but in the end, they turned out perfectly!"