20 Statement Marble Fireplaces for Every Aesthetic


 Chango & Co.

When it comes to fireplaces, some people are obsessed with marble. That is because the stone is available in a beautiful range of colors, patterns, and textures for every aesthetic and budget.

However, with so many types to pick from, how do you choose? Whether you are planning to build a new fireplace or bring an old one up to snuff, these 20 gorgeous examples will help you find the perfect marble fireplace for your home and personal style.

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    Antique Marble Mantel

    Antique marble fireplace
    A. Jennison Interiors

    Here, a restored Italianate marble mantel from the 1860s adds a little old-world pizazz to this transitional style living room decorated by A. Jennison Interiors. The term Italianate refers to a style of 19th-century American architecture inspired by the villas of Italy.

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    Stacked Stone Veneer

    Gray stacked stone fireplace
    Chris Loves Julia

    This fireplace makeover by the couple behind Chris Loves Julia uses stacked stone ledgers in natural, charcoal marble to turn a wallflower fireplace into a fabulous focal point.

    The stone veneer that the duo used came attached to interlocking panels, which made the installation process more manageable. How so, you might be thinking? Panels like these are designed to snap quickly into place, kind of like puzzle pieces. Installing the rustic, wood mantel was the final step in the makeover.

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    Classic Marble Tile

    Grecian white basket-weave marble fireplace
    Alice Lane Home Collection

    The interior designers at Alice Lane Home Collection used marble mosaic tile in a Grecian basket weave pattern to update a builder-grade fireplace.

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    White Marble Mantel

    White marble fireplace
    Jessie D. Miller

    When sundown happens before 6 p.m., a white marble fireplace can offer a glimmer of light. Here a hand-carved example filled with candles brightens up a moody primary suite by interior designer Jessie D. Miller.

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    Transitional Style Marble Fireplace

    Transitional marble mantle
    Denise McGaha Interiors

    A contemporary (but not too modern) black marble fireplace punctuated by a brick tile firebox steals the show in an upscale home by Denise McGaha Interiors. The pretty pottery matches the white and gold veins of the marble.

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    Statuary Marble Fireplace

    Statuary marble fireplace
    Studio McGee

    The custom, statuary marble fireplace in this contemporary living room designed by Studio McGee feels both relaxed and sophisticated.

    Statuary marble is a big-ticket stone with distinctive gray or gold veining throughout in dramatic patterns. The design of this fireplace seamlessly frames the diagonal veins in the marble.

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    Marble Subway Tile

    Classic subway tile fireplace
    Peterssen/Keller Architecture

    Classic, marble subway tile instantly adds old-house charm to a fireplace in a newly built home by Peterssen/Keller Architecture.

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    Marble Hexagon Tile

    Hexagon mosaic marble fireplace
    Studio McGee

    Navy blue and light gray go together like berries and cream in this living room decorated by Studio McGee. To prettify the fireplace, the designers installed hexagon marble tile on the surround and hearth. Dove gray grout seals the deal by enhancing the color of the stone.

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    Calacatta Marble Fireplace

    Floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace
    Lucy and Company

    A lofty Calacatta marble fireplace is the main attraction in this two-story living room by Lucy and Company.

    Here are a few need-to-know facts: Calacatta marble is much rarer than Carrara, so it's considered a more luxurious stone. It is also whiter and typically features bolder and more dramatic veining.

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    Striped Marble Fireplace

    Striped marble fireplace
    Ann Lowengart Interiors

    Add a heaping dose of modern style to a small fireplace with striped marble. The example in this home by interior designer Ann Lowengart Interiors makes a big visual impact without overwhelming the rest of the space.

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    Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

    Rustic marble fireplace wood mantel
    Centsational Style

    Cream and brown marble give this attractive fireplace remodeled by Kate, the blogging do-it-yourselfer behind Centsational Style, a modern farmhouse vibe.

    When using natural stone tile, if you are looking for consistency in ​color and veining, the blogger suggests picking out tiles in person instead of ordering online. Doing so will allow you to weed out oddball pieces that are not a good fit for your project.

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    Orange Vein Marble

    Black marble with orange vein fireplace
    Fearins Welch

    In this Brooklyn townhouse by design firm Fearins Welch, layers of bold textures and luxurious finishes instantly modernize the century-old home. The black marble fireplace with orange veining is a genuinely fresh and unexpected feature worth coveting.

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    Mix-and-Match Marble Tile Styles

    Mix and match marble fireplace
    Construction 2 Style

    Elegant and timeless, Carrera marble is a slam dunk when it comes to adding a little longtime value to your home. This fireplace project by Construction 2 Style combines two different styles of tile in the popular marble. The hearth is covered in a hexagon mosaic. On the fire surround is classic subway tile.

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    Multidimensional Marble Tile

    Basket weave 3D marble fireplace
    I Heart Organizing

    Shopping for fireplace tile at a local home improvement store paid off stylishly for Jen at I Heart Organizing. The blogger set out to buy an average marble mosaic until she saw these herringbone tiles with a unique basket weave-like texture. She says while the tiles look like rough stone, they are polished gray marble.

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    Iron and Marble Fireplace

    Black marble fireplace with metal rivets
    Chango & Co.

    To achieve the perfect balance between refined and rugged, this fireplace in a home designed by Chango & Co. blends black marble with an iron-framed firebox. We love the rivets that add an industrial edge.

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    Marble Floor Tiles

    Marble tile fireplace
    M.E. Beck Design, Inc.

    If you are looking for a no-regret design idea guaranteed to pass muster for years to come, you cannot go wrong with Carrara marble floor tile. It tends to be more resilient than the stuff designed explicitly for wall use. An example is this fireplace brimming with enduring style in a chic home by M.E. Beck Design, Inc. The mantel was painted a deep shade of gray to accentuate the dramatic veining of the stone.

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    Smooth and Textured Finishes

    Narrow tile fireplace
    Hart to Hearts

    The mix of smooth and textured finishes on these pencil tiles add character to this marble fire surround installed by Amy from Hart to Hearts.

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    Fake it With Paint

    Faux marble fireplace
    Savvy Apron

    Do you have a shoestring budget? Then you can achieve that marble look on the cheap with paint. That's how Sherry from Savvy Apron refreshed her damaged fireplace. The problem? Years of scorching heat from her gas-burning hearth left the original dark stone looking dull and dingy. The best part, a few years have passed since she completed this project and the paint has held up even after lighting the fireplace numerous times.