10 Cozy Stay at Home Valentine's Date Ideas

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    Staying in this Valentine's Day?

    Heart Shaped Grandma Pie
    GG's New York

    Going out for Valentine's Day can be over-rated. Restaurants are crowded, bars are full of singles and over-the-top displays of affection are at every turn. Why wouldn't you stay home with your honey for some Valentine's Day fun? You can go out any other night of the week and your love will still be as strong! Use this day of love as a time to connect with each other outside of the public eye.

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    Netflix and Chill

    There is a reason this is a hashtag people. There might not be anything more true than a good movie night for varying reasons. Might as well get your #netflixandchill on with the one you love most. Pick a movie you've both been wanting to see or even one that has mutual significance in your relationship. It could be the movie you saw on your first date, maybe even the one you saw before he told you he loved you. Hot Tip: Don't forget the wine!

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    Add Candles

    Lacy Votive Holder DIY
    Martha Stewart

     Anything by candlelight is immediately 10x's more romantic than what you started with. 

    Here is are some great ideas on how to create your own DIY votive holder.

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    At-Home-Spa Action

    Date Night Massage
    baranq / Shutterstock

    A solid massage can erase away all your worries and fears. Treat your lover to the best at-home-spa money can't buy. Start with a massage station and then maybe move the spa to the tub for a relaxing bubbling bath for two.

    Try these tips for the perfect winter bath from Vogue.com.

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    Heart Shaped Pizza

    Heart Shaped Grandma Pie
    GG's New York

    Bake your own heart shaped pizza or research a local pie slinging spot that can make one for you. Nothing is really better than pizza, except a heart shaped pizza. Bonus points if you make the pizza together.

    Love this heart shaped grandma pie from GG's New York.

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    Play Dress Up

    Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson
    Betty Confidential

    Not that kind of dress up guys! I'm talking about dressing up in some of your snazziest duds for a special night in. Sometimes just starting the night in your best ensemble and slowly peeling layers into the night can make for the best foreplay. 

    Here are some of the most stylish celebrity couples ever from Cosmo for your date night inspiration.

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    Order - In (The Good Stuff)

    Tetiana Chudovska / Shutterstock

    Don't feel guilty spending a little extra going for the higher-end on seamless. Order in a sushi/sashimi feast for two or get those ribs you usually hesitate to order. There is no holding back here, it's Valentine's Day and the food is coming straight to the comfort of your own home so get wild! Hot Tip: Use your own plating and serve ware instead of the plastic containers. This will elevate the mood and show your man you care about presentation.

    If you are feeling adventurous follow this easy 'How to Make Sushi at Home' recipe from the Minimalist Baker.

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    Slow Dance

    Napoleon Dynamite Slow Dance
    Fox Searchlight

    Or fast dance even! Dancing leads to you know what, your bodies moving together is bliss. In the comfort of your own home, you don't have to worry about anyone judging you. Initiating a dance between your other half at home might be intimidating, I suggest starting the night out with a pre-made playlist that you have on repeat through the night. This way you and your boo can freely break out in dance.

    Love this list of 35 Best Dance Sequences in Film from Flavorwire to get you in the mood.

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    Valentine's Day Breakfast

    Heart Shaped Pancake
    Camille Styles

    3 words: heart-shaped-pancakes (do you see a theme here?) Starting the day with a Valentine's breakfast is the only way to start the day. Waking up to a fresh stack of pancakes, OJ and bacon is the key to any humans heart.

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    Mix Up a Cocktail

    Bourbon, Bubbly and Lemon
    Source: Serious Eats

    Have a special cocktail mixed and ready for your partner when they get home. Trust us they will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and will set the tone for a relaxing and love-filled night.

    Here are some sparkling cocktail recipes to start.

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    Make Dinner Together

    Couple Cooking
    Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

    Realistically, how often do you two make dinner together? Schedules always seem to catch up to us and dinner plans are put on hold or 'pushed to next week.' Don't wait another week! Valentine's Day is the night to share a romantic, candle-lit, hand made dinner with the one you love. You both will enjoy finally spending a moment together and cooking for your lover is kind of sexy. This activity could lead to the best kind of dessert, if you know what I'm saying.