You Can Stay in the Lifetime Christmas Movie House of Your Dreams in December

This is not a drill



It wouldn’t be the holidays without a few key staples: the smell of gingerbread. The sound of jingle bells. And the sights of a Lifetime holiday movie.

When it comes to comfort binge-watches, nothing beats a Lifetime holiday movie marathon. The storylines are sugary sweet, you’re guaranteed a happy ending, and they pair perfectly with a mug of hot cocoa. After the year we’ve all had, it’s no wonder that most of us would love to live inside of a made-for-TV movie where everything is perfect, and everyone is perfectly coiffed.

Well, here comes the good news: VRBO and Lifetime have paired up to create the It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday House, bookable for select dates starting from the end of November. Yes: you read that right. This year, you can live (or at least stay) in the Lifetime Christmas movie of your dreams.

In case you haven’t watched your own fair share of made-for-TV holiday movies, then here’s the general idea. An adorable girl-next-door, usually with an enviable job, lives in a small town. She’s lucky in most ways but unlucky in love. That is until, of course, a handsome man accidentally enters her life and shakes the whole thing up. She wasn’t even looking for a relationship! There might be a few tiny bumps along the way but, general spoiler alert: they live happily ever after.

As I looked through the photos of the Lifetime Holiday House, I realized… this is what happens after the happily ever after. This is exactly the house our girl-next-door and her hunky husband move into. After the Christmas-themed wedding, after their honeymoon in the North Pole, and after their two children (Holly and Ivy) have joined the fold, our couple has moved to Greenwich, Conn.

You can be that couple. Here’s how.

Arrive at the House Wearing Matching Christmas Sweaters.

If you can’t get your own hunky other half on board, some light color-coordinating will also do. No matter what: take many, many photos. Instagram demands it. As you walk through the white picket fence, which is perfectly bedecked with garland, giant, red velvet ribbons, and fairy lights, take note: you don’t have to dream of a white Christmas.

Lifetime Holiday House with VRBO


This year, it’s guaranteed because the lawn is already covered in faux snow. Tip your hat to the toy soldiers standing guard. You’ve made it.

 Lifetime and VRBO Christmas house


Drop Your Bags at the Foot of the Stairs.

And what to your wondering eyes will appear? Christmas stockings strung up on the staircase with care!

Staircase at Lifetime holiday house


Cozy Up in the Living Room.

Tastefully adorned in red and white with lots of textures on top (think faux fur and nubby woolen blankets), it’s the perfect room to snuggle up with your first mug of cocoa for a family game day.

living room


After you’ve wholesomely won (or let someone else win), wander out to the back patio for a glass of wine around the firepit. More mugs of cocoa are also acceptable, we’re not ones to judge. Here, you’ll also find a backyard polar bear lodge and a gingerbread-themed selfie station. The scene is set with twinkle lights because once again: nothing is more important in the Lifetime movie universe than twinkle lights.

life time backyard


christmas backyard


Whip Up a Comforting Dinner in the Chef's Kitchen.

Back inside, you’ll find the massive chef’s kitchen of your dreams. The breakfast bar is prepared with a faux fur table runner and giant pinecones. The silverware is neatly tucked into tiny little red Christmas stockings. It’s the perfect place to watch your love interest prepare dinner while you have another glass of wine. Or, again… more cocoa. This continues to be a judgment-free holiday house.

kitchen island


Write, er, Type a Letter to Santa.

As dinner simmers, lead your little ones to the home office, which has been transformed into a Santa letter writing station. Jot down their Christmas dreams on the vintage typewriter and pop it into the giant postbox.

santa station


Lifetime VRBO Christmas House Letters to Santa Typewriter


Gather at Dining Table for Dinner.

You won’t be surprised to find another Christmas-themed tablescape, set for a feast. Similar to the breakfast bar, the table is lined with faux fur, pinecones, and most importantly: lots and lots of candles. A tall white Christmas tree towers up from one corner, and Santa watches over from another.



christmas tree


Retire to the Living Room

It’s movie night! The TV is pre-loaded with all 30 Lifetime holiday movies. This is exactly the sort of space our heroine and her handsome husband would want to relax at the end of a long day of Christmas cheer.

christmas living room


A note: after you’ve studied some of the most popular film plots, you’ll notice little nods all over the house. The giant nutcrackers come from A Welcome Home Christmas. The DIY gingerbread kit is inspired by A Sugar & Spice Holiday. There’s even a special Christmas train set from Feliz NaviDAD.

In what might be the most #goals thing about the entire house, each bedroom has its own Christmas tree. I now want nothing more this holiday season than to snuggle up in a fair isle-print comforter and sleep by the light of the Christmas tree at the foot of my bed. Even the primary bath is full of Christmas cheer!

bedroom in christmas house with lifetime and vrbo


How It Works

Starting November 23 at 1 pm ET, stays are bookable for every weekend in December, including over Christmas.


$100/night, with all rental fees going to charity for the dates listed below only.


According to the VRBO listing, as part of this special opportunity, only four separate, 3-night stays are available for the dates listed below. Christmas weekend will be available for a four-night stay. As soon as all four stays are booked, the booking window will close. 

  • Stay #1: Dec 3- 6
  • Stay #2: Dec 10-14
  • Stay #3: Dec 17-20
  • Stay #4: Dec 23- 27 (Christmas Stay)

Good luck! And don’t worry, Santa will know where to find you.

If you would like stay at this home on a different date, for its regular rate, and without all the over-the-top Christmas decor, you can see the listing here.