How to Stay Organized During a Move

Whenever we move, I'm always determined to be more organized than the last time we moved. This means that each move just gets easier and easier. Well, maybe "easy" isn't the best way to describe a move, but I definitely have a better handle on all the moving tasks I need to do and am able to get everything done without too much stress.  So, to help you move, I thought I'd pass on my strategy for keeping things on track despite how quickly I need to move.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

We don't always have a lot of notice before a move and once we had to move an entire house in a month. While last-minute moves are doable, I recommend giving yourself at least two months, and ideally, at least four weeks to pack and move an entire household. However, when it comes to moving, time is not just about the number of days from the time you start to pack until you move into your new space, but also how many actual days do you have to devote to your household move. If you work full time while also juggling your move, then you'll need to build that into your moving schedule. If you have just a few weeks to move, hopefully you're taking time off to get everything done.

Regardless, give yourself as much time as possible.

2. Create a plan, task list and schedule

I'm a huge list-maker. I think lists are the best way to keep track of everything you need to do and when.

Planning such a big event like a move is critical to not just staying organized, but also to ensure you don't feel overwhelmed by it all. Also, it makes it so much easier to delegate tasks to other family and friends who are helping with the move.  

After all, you really don't want to forget to do some essential tasks that could lead to moving day anxiety.

Plan it well and you'll be able to sleep soundly the last night in your old home. 

3. Be Systematic

While planning will help keep you on track, being systematic as you start to sort and pack your home is key to keeping things organized and being in control of your move. I like packing one room at a time. I usually start with the most difficult room - the one that requires the most sorting.  For me, that's always the kitchen. While you might think packing the kitchen should be saved for later in your move because you use it every day, I argue that there's so much stuff in the kitchen that we don't use on a daily basis plus it contains so many storage spaces that it requires a lot more thinking through than other areas of the house. You can keep enough supplies on hand to ensure the kitchen can still be used, but not enough that you haven't tackled the hardest part.

My rule? The room that I'm most dreading packing is where I start. Once you have the worst room out of the way, the rest feels easy.

4. Purge, Purge and Purge Some More

I'm a huge supporter of purging every single room in our house. We move fairly often - mostly due to our work and lifestyle - so we don't tend to keep stuff we're not using.

 But still, I have moved things that I ended up getting rid of after we move and that ended up costing me money and time. So now I make sure I build enough time into my moving schedule to sort through all our closets, storage spaces and the garage. 

5. Hire Professionals

When I was a lot younger, I always moved myself. But the older I get, the more I see and appreciate the value of hiring professionals to do some of the moving for me. I always hire movers and professional cleaners and for our next move, I'm thinking of hiring professional packers, too. Of course, I need to make sure our moving budget can afford it, but now, after so many moves, I really understand the value of time and energy saved by hiring others to help us move.