Why Young Adults Are Staying Sober To Socialize

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    Young Adults Aren't Drinking As Much - Why?

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    Uber and other ride sharing apps have made it easier for young adults to indulge in alcohol when they go out for an evening more than ever before, allowing them to go from place to place without having to get behind the wheel of a car. Still, many of them are choosing not to drink when they are socializing. The reasons for this vary, but whatever it is that's motivating millennials to minimize their drinking so they can maximize their socializing, it's good news. Staying sober can help...MORE young adults avoid tricky situations that can have lasting consequences in their lives.

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    The Bottom Line - It's Expensive

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    Drinking is not inexpensive. Young adults have discovered fine wines, craft beers and mixed drinks, along with quality whiskey and tequila. None of those comes without a hefty bite out of the budget. Unlike in college, when keg beer and flavored vodkas were good enough for an evening, as young adults grow older their tastes, rightly so, grow more refined. Keeping costs down means keeping alcohol intake at a lower level - and staying sober is often better than stopping with one Manhattan or shot...MORE of tequila.

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    Exercise Is A Regular Activity

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    It's difficult to get up for a half marathon on Sunday when you've had too much to drink on Saturday night. Whether it's running, hiking, biking or spinning, young adults are focusing on taking care of their bodies, which will limit alcohol intake no matter how well you hold your liquor. More than 76% of millennials exercise at least once a week, which helps explain why alcohol intake has been reduced for many twenty and thirty-somethings. Being fit is something they prioritize, and...MORE it's also a great way to meet people. Who needs alcohol when there are treadmills, spin classes and other activities where they can meet potential friends and dates?  

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    Young Adults Would Rather Be Eating

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    Millennials are passionate about food. From vegans to meat lovers, finding a good restaurant, cooking a great meal or following favorite food trucks on social media to see where they are week to week are among many young adult's favorite activities. Millennials have discovered a passion for gardening, growing their own food and personalizing the farm to table trend that is so popular with foodies. Drinking to excess will spoil any good meal, dulling the taste buds and making the experience...MORE more about the drinking than the dining. 

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    Genuine Connections are Made

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    Socializing when drinking may be fun, filled with laughs and a good buzz, but socializing when sober is a much better way to make a real connection with people. A couple of drinks can transform a normally shy and introverted person into the life of the party, but what happens when you hang out without a cocktail in hand? Someone who was charming, effervescent and talkative on Saturday night may turn out to be a far more reserved person on Monday morning. Staying sober allows the world to see the...MORE real you without a cloud of alcohol around you.


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    Getting Drunk at Events Isn't Cool

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    A survey by the event hosting site Eventbrite found that only one in ten millennials think that being drunk is cool. Even at concerts, raves and parties, being sloppy and falling down drunk is not something young adults find entertaining - in fact, they think it's pretty embarrassing. Attending weekend long concerts and events is costly and takes a lot of effort and energy, and being drunk can get in the way of enjoying the music or entertainment. It's hard to dance and have a great time...MORE when you can barely stand up. Young adults are choosing to experience things without being in a drunken haze, which is always the better option.


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    They Socialize Online

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    The Netflix and Hulu loving millennials are often content to stay at home in their yoga pants and sweats and socialize online via texting, dating apps and video calls. Hardworking young adults aren't compelled to get up, get dressed and go out for an evening after a long day, and are comfortable connecting online instead of in person. While their Boomer parents may look at this as a strange way to connect, for Millennials it's the norm.