Steele 32-inch Gas Grill Model STL-32 Review

Steele 32-Inch Gas Grill. Wholesale Patio Store

The Bottom Line

Steele is a brand name of the Patio Sites Inc. in Northern California. While it might seem strange for a single store to have its own brand of stainless steel gas grills, they do a lot of online sales. Aside from the somewhat limited access, this is a well made, large grill, worth considering. The quality stainless steel will allow it to retain its appearance for many years, and the cooking performance is very good.

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  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • High heat output
  • Good quality construction
  • Heavy 304 stainless steel rod cooking grates


  • Uncovered, rain water fills the drip pan
  • Uneven heating
  • Hood mounted thermometer can be difficult to read


  • Four 12,000 BTU 304 stainless steel tubular burners
  • 544 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 715 square inches
  • 48,000 BTU total output from the main burners
  • Stainless steel welded rod cooking grates
  • Piezoelectric push and turn ignition with gas jet assist
  • Heat zone separators divide the cooking space for better temperature control
  • Complete 443 type stainless steel construction with 304 stainless burners
  • Infrared, cast stainless, and welded stainless burners available
  • Sold as propane or natural gas
  • Made in China by Charter Enterprises exclusively for Patio Sites Inc.

Guide Review - Steele 32-Inch Model# STL-32

There have been a number of store brand grills over the years.

The Steele brand, however, is different. Made for Patio Sites Inc., a store in Northern California, this is a higher end stainless steel grill, very unlike those grills found in big box stores. Of course, much of this grill's sales will be online. The largely 443 stainless steel construction is strong and will retain its appearance much longer than inferior products.

The heat output is high, if uneven, and there are a number of burner options that could extend the operational life the grill by many years, as well as its versatility.

For those who don't keep up on the innovations in stainless steel, 443 stainless is a low nickel, high chromium steel alloy that costs considerably less that the ever popular 304 stainless, but still has excellent qualities that make it very durable and attractive. While the cabinet and much of the grill head uses this stainless, the burners, cooking grates, and some body parts are 304 stainless, that is better at handling intense heat.

The hood mounted thermometer is close to the cooking surface for a more accurate read of the actual grilling temperature. Unfortunately, the placement makes it hard to read without crouching down in front of the grill. This is a minor annoyance and aside from water filling the drip pan there are no serious problems with this grill. The heat is uneven front to back which can be a problem, but it isn't too dramatic. Any experienced griller will quickly learn how to accommodate for it.

This grill is available as an insert and is part of a wide range of accessories, cabinet options, and extras.

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