Does TRICARE Cover Stepchildren?

Enrollment in DEERS in a necessary first step

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Your unmarried stepchildren and adopted children are eligible for enrollment in TRICARE until they reach age 21 (or age 23 if they are enrolled in college), as long as the parent of the child and sponsor are married. However, coverage is not automatic. Before a child—or anyone for that matter—is eligible for TRICARE benefits, they must first be enrolled in ​ DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.​

How to Register Your Stepchild in DEERS

To get started, you must take several documents with you to the personnel department or ID card office located at the duty station nearest you. These documents include:

  • Two unexpired IDs. One must be a government or state-issued photo ID. Examples include driver's license, passport, and Social Security card.
  • A completed DD Form 1172
  • The child's birth certificate (or certificate of adoption)
  • The child's Social Security card (if available). If not available, update DEERS when it becomes available.
  • The marriage certificate of the sponsor and the child's parent

If your stepchild is aged 10 or older, take the child with you for a military ID card. The sponsoring service member must be present to sign DD Form 1172.

Overall, the process is relatively simple and—depending on the line at the facility — you could be in and out in 30 minutes or less. Registration in DEERS doesn't mean the child is enrolled automatically in TRICARE.

Enrolling Your Stepchild in TRICARE

Your stepchild will be enrolled in the same health coverage that you have. If you live close to a military hospital, you may have to apply there. If not, you can enroll the child online at the TRICARE website.

  • Choose a primary care provider.
  • Fill out an enrollment application.
  • Pay any enrollment fees.
  • Go to the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website. Click "Log On' and select the "Medical" tab to enroll. (You need a DoD Self-Service Lonon, DFAS (My Pay) Account or a Common Access Card.)
  • Call your assigned regional contractor and mail the enrollment form to that person.

The regional contractor will notify you when the child's enrollment is approved. 

Requirements for TRICARE Coverage for Stepchildren

  • The stepchild must be unmarried and under 21 years old.
  • The stepchild can be eligible for coverage until age 23 if enrolled full time at an approved higher learning facility. 
  • Stepchildren are eligible while the child's parent and the sponsor are married.
  • In the event of divorce, stepchildren are no longer eligible.
  • If the sponsor adopts the stepchildren, they are eligible for coverage as adopted children even if the marriage ends.