Stephanie Colestock

Stephanie Colestock
 Stephanie Colestock
  • Regular contributor to sites like Investopedia, The Balance, Credit Karma, Quicken, and Dough Roller

  • Bachelors degree in Biology, Pre-Med with a minor in English from Baylor University

  • Currently working towards a CFP® Professional certification




Stephanie is an experienced writer whose work can regularly be seen on sites such as Investopedia, Credit Karma, Quicken, Dough Roller, and more. Her areas of expertise include personal finance, travel, buying or selling real estate, and health. 

As a parent — and the mom of a special needs child — Stephanie is particularly passionate about helping families plan and prepare for the future. This includes teaching readers how to take control of their household finances, spend less, invest more, save for retirement, and plan for all of the what-ifs along the way.

Stephanie graduated from Baylor University with a degree in biology (pre-med), and completed a year of medical school before deciding to pursue her deeper passion: writing. At the same time, she also founded a letterpress print and design studio, completely restoring an antique floor press (built in 1894) in the process. She still prints bespoke stationery and wedding invitations in her free time, when she’s not traveling with her husband and kids.


She graduated with honors from Baylor University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology (concentration in Pre-Medicine), along with a minor in English. At present, she is also working toward her Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification.

Other Work:

Expertise: Personal and household finance, Travel, Real estate, Parenting and autism
Education: Baylor University
Title: Finance Writer
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