10 Steps to a Country Christmas

10 Steps to a Country Christmas
Everything you need for a rustic country Christmas. All photos via Pinteres

You don't have to live in a cabin in the woods to get the cozy, rustic atmosphere of a country Christmas. All you need are these 10 elements.

Traditional Colors

Rustic, country looks are all about keeping traditions alive, so stick with traditional colors such as red, green, cream, silver and gold. While non-traditional color schemes are always fun to play with, they generally don't suit rustic looks.

Plaid and Gingham

If you're mad for plaid you're in luck, because nothing says country Christmas more than plaid fabrics and decorations. Tartan in particular is a classic at Christmastime and lends a slightly more sophisticated look, while gingham is more casual. Either way, traditional red and green plaids and checks are key to getting the look. 

Wood Details 

The natural beauty of wood is what really ties a rustic look together. If you have natural wood floors or architectural elements (such as ceiling beams) you have a great foundation. Layer in wood furniture (such as side tables and chairs) and accessories (such as candlesticks and photo frames) as it makes sense. You don't want the room to look too heavy, but a few wood details will go a long way.

Cable-Knit and Burlap

Cable-knit and burlap may not seem like fabrics that naturally go together, but for a rustic look you can't beat them.

Cable-knit throws, pillows and Christmas stockings bring warmth and coziness while burlap accents add the rustic touch (think table runners, tree ornaments and throw pillows). The juxtaposition of soft and rough creates interest and adds depth.

Pinecones and Nuts

There are few things that look as great in a rustic setting as pinecones and nuts.

Use them to create an indoor or outdoor wreath, or simply put a bunch of them in a bowl or clear vase. These natural beauties don't need a lot of work to look beautiful and festive. And best of all, depending on where you live, you may be able to find some for free simply by going on a nature walk!

Twinkle Lights

No Christmas look is complete without a few strings of twinkle lights. In a rustic setting you have the option to go with simple white or multi-color. Just stay away from blues and purples as they don't really fit the look. 

Birch Logs

Decorating with birch logs is a great way to bring the outdoors in and get a rustic look. Pile them next to the fireplace, stand them up in a basket, wrap them in twinkle lights, or turn them into candle holders. It doesn't really matter what you do with them - their very presence will lend a rustic vibe to any room.

Festive Scents

Creating an atmosphere is about more than just looks - it's important to consider scent as well. Traditional scents such as pine and cinnamon are perfect for country themes. Bringing in greenery such as cedar garlands and pine trees will fill your home with a lovely, festive fragrance. You can also use scented candles, simmer pots, clove-studded fruit, pot pourri, and even scented fire starters (if applicable).

Mason Jars

Decorating with mason jars isn't just for hipsters! They're perfect for getting an old-fashioned country look - and there are a million possibilities! Fill them with nuts, pinecones or ornaments; use them as candle holders; create snow globes by gluing little ornaments to the inside of the lid and displaying them upside down; cover them in festive fabric and use them as vases -the list goes on and on.


The soft glow of candles makes any room look warm and cozy, and no rustic country Christmas is complete without them. The best place for candle displays is always on a mantel, but go ahead and display them anywhere you like. Just exercise caution and don't place them too close to fabrics. And of course, never leave them unattended.