20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Every Personality Type

It's time to make stockings worthwhile

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Terrarium candle

Image: Uncommon Goods; Image Treatment: The Spruce

Christmas stockings are known to adorn our mantels during the holiday season with their kitschy designs, bells and embellishments, and personalized names of our entire family (including the furry ones). It's been a long-time tradition to hang them above our fireplaces, since it's in the prime spot to be filled with tons of goodies including candy, fuzzy socks, and gift cards.

After a while, stocking stuffing can get a little predictable. So, we think it's time to give our stockings more attention and fill them with more intentional and thoughtful gifts suitable for the person receiving them. We gathered 20 different kinds of stocking stuffers for everyone on your list, so each stocking feels personal and special.

Ideas for Plant People

Every plant lover knows the importance of a trellis for their plants, especially the long-trailing and tall ones. Trellises give plants some extra support to help with their drooping and can also be used to style plant vines, so they look more decorative and sculptural. If your planter pot has been looking a bit boring, dress it up with this felt planter cover instead of going through the trouble of moving the plant into a whole new planter.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams Plant Trellis

Plant Trellis


Urban Outfitters Mushroom Felted Planter Cover

Mushroom Felted Planter Cover

Urban Outfitters

Ideas for Home Cooks

We all know that one friend or family member who loves to cook, but that doesn't mean they want to be gifted a cookbook for every holiday (prevent your gift from being shelved). Instead, gift them something they'll actually use in their kitchen like these fun and colorful patterned grinders—spices are a necessity in any meal, so you'll know it's being put to good use! As with the funky-designed serving spoons, the charming shapes are guaranteed to make any meal extra special and joyful.

Dusen Dusen Everybody Grinders

Everybody Grinders


Selena Liu Serving Friends

Serving Friends


Ideas for Comfort Seekers

If your friend or loved one is the definition of a homebody, we've got you covered. These heat pillows come in six different patterns, so you can choose the one that fits the person you're gifting it to. All they need to do is heat the pillow up in the microwave and place it anywhere they need a bit of soothing and comfort. The terrarium candles are will smell as good as they look in any space, especially for those who are looking to wind down to a nice book or movie.

Uncommon Goods Cherry Pit Therapeutic Heat Pillow

Cherry Pit Therapeutic Heat Pillow

Uncommon Gods

Zoe Tang Terrarium Candle

Zoe Tang Terrarium Candle

Uncommon Goods

Ideas for Home Renovators

Our homes just wouldn't be in their tidy condition if it wasn't for our favorite home renovators. Stuff their stockings with something you know they'll always keep on them and use for future home projects. The Pottery Barn Mini Travel Tool Set is the perfect size to bring along anywhere they go without the lugging—its compact design keeps all the essential tools organized in one place, so they know what to grab. Yes, you read that correctly, the 5-in-1 pen can transform into a screwdriver, a stylus for devices, a ruler for measuring, a bubble level, and a clip.

Pottery Barn Mini Travel Tool Set

Mini Travel Tool Set

Pottery Barn

Uncommon Goods 5-in-1 Tool Pen

5-in-1 Tool Pen

Uncommon Goods

Ideas for Astrology Lovers

With astrology on the rise, it's only suitable to gift our astrology lovers a gift that's as spiritual as them. You can personalize their gift by getting them a sleek, golden electric lighter with their zodiac sign so they can light their favorite candles or incense. Another present that they'll love is the Mercury Retrograde Candle Set which will come with some sage bundles, candles, special cards, and an abalone shell so they're prepared for the next retrograde (we know we all do).

Urban Outfitters Zodiac Electric Lighter

Zodiac Electric Lighter

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Mercury Retrograde Candle Set

Mercury Retrograde Candle Set

Urban Outfitters

Ideas for Entertaining Enthusiasts

Entertaining is no easy feat—it requires a lot of patience, planning, time, and energy. So, when our friends or loved ones thoroughly and purposely entertain at their humble abode often, it's something we should always give credit to and be thankful for. Games are essential to any successful gathering because it brings us together (they may also cause some "friendly" bantering), so having all of the cards in one place saves time looking for them. These Luxe Dominoes Playing Cards are also perfect to leave on any table as decor thanks to their timeless and modern design. Drinks are gonna be opened left and right, so why not close them in style with a disco ball stopper? Save your bottles for the next soiree while also making them look cute as they sit on your bar cart.

Luxe Dominoes Playing Cards

Luxe Dominoes Playing Cards

Coming Soon New York

Urban Outfitters Disco Ball Bottle Stopper

disco ball stopper

Urban Outfitters

Ideas for Creative Crafters

Get your favorite crafter a new and exciting DIY for the long winters ahead that'll be spent indoors. Whether you go with the fox or penguin, it's a great gift to give anyone that's looking to learn how to crochet since it's a small and easy project with instructions. Especially with Christmas cheer in the air, it makes sense to make your own gnome instead of buying one at the store. With the love and time that goes into crafting it, it'll be a yearly holiday staple to include when decorating the home.

Uncommon Goods Crochet Animal DIY Kit

Crochet Animal DIY Kit

Uncommon Goods

KidsbagsCloset DIY Gnome kit

gnome kit


Ideas for Nature People

It's easy to gift a nature lover a present that's meant for the outdoors, but what about the indoors? The Anthropologie Woodland Bud Vase comes in four various animals that can be used for any small floral arrangement (especially the wildflowers picked on a hike or a daily walk). The Good Nature Meditations Deck comes with 60 cards that'll either give nature meditations, walking thoughts, affirmations, or messages from Mother Nature, herself to inspire all nature lovers on their journeys.

Anthropologie Woodland Bud Vase

Woodland Bud Vase


Uncommon Goods Nature Meditations Deck

Nature Meditations Deck

Uncommon Goods

Ideas for Frequent Travelers

If the person on your list is always on the go, whether it be catching flights monthly or being away weekly, they'll love these stocking stuffers that'll make their packing lives a lot easier. Jewelry or small accessories have a higher chance of being misplaced in the midst of chaotic travels, so having a designated travel case that can also be personalized will decrease the likelihood of it being lost. The Cadence containers are perfect to store anything and everything—from shampoo to hair ties, the containers can be color-coded and labeled to each individual person.

Pottery Barn Quinn Leather Travel Case, Shadow Printed

Quinn Leather Travel Case, Shadow Printed

Pottery Barn

Cadence Build Your 6

Build 6


Ideas for Pet Parents

Sometimes, the best kind of joy is brought to those that aren't directly meant for them but for their furry best friends. Every pet parent loves their little one as much (or more) as themselves, so gift them something that'll pay homage to their pet. These How to Speak Dog Cards explain the cues dogs may give to help owners better understand their needs. Gift them a personalized wooden dog or cat ornament for their tree, so they always have a part of their fur baby for the holidays.

Uncommon Goods How To Speak Dog Cards

How To Speak Dog Cards

Uncommon Goods

Ali Harrison Personalized Pet Ornament

Personalized Pet Ornament

Uncommon Goods

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