14 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for College Kids & 20Somethings

Whimsical and practical little gifts for Christmas stockings and care packages

Christmas stocking gifts
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    shattered glass ceiling necklace

     Has the young woman in your life made big strides this year? This symbolic shattered glass ceiling necklace from Uncommon Goods is a symbol of all she's accomplished - with more to come. 

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    young men watching tv

    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Roku...there are so many choices for a streaming entertainment service. Young adults are usually on a tight budget, so a year's worth of service would make a really nice - and probably often-used - gift.

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    Of course the odds are huge that a ticket won't be a winner, but it's still fun to scratch off and find out. Give an assortment of lottery tickets - different games and denominations - and watch your young adult have fun taking a chance on winning.

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    Essential Oil Diffuser

    essential oil diffuser

     Whether they live in a dorm or in an apartment with roommates, sometimes things may get a little stinky. Even if everyone is clean and tidy, a little pleasant scent is never a bad idea. There are many different essential oil diffusers to choose from, and there are plenty of scents that young adult men would like, too.

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     Do you know any young adults who are a little bit absent minded? Prone to losing things like keys, phones and wallets? A Tile Mate is the perfect gift for them. It works with an app on a smartphone to help keep track of those little things that just always seem to go missing. 

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    luggage tag

     Traveling is on most young adults' bucket lists. Lost luggage can ruin even the best of vacations. Help them keep track of their luggage with a luggage tag - even better if it's monogrammed.

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     Gorilla Glue? As a gift? Yes. It's practical, useful, effective and, most likely, college students and young adults don't have any on hand. Gorilla Glue is the kind of thing you don't know you need until you need it. When something breaks, they will thank you.

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    Sometimes it's hard to keep hold of all of those items that young adults carry around - sunglasses, keys, phones. Dropping a phone can be an expensive and annoying experience. A Mophie cover is a charger and protector in one, and anyone with an iPhone would appreciate such a s

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     Fresh breath is always a good idea. A 12 pack of Altoids will keep breath minty clean for months!

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    argyle socks

    Colorful and fun socks are a favorite way some young men can express their fashion sense. Pick out a couple of pair and add a gift certificate to their favorite store, so they can buy a few more.

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    Gift Cards

    gift card

    Maybe you don't want to give cash or a check, because you think it's too impersonal, even for a stocking stuffer. It's not. College kids and newly working young adults are always trying to cut costs or find the money to do things they want to do but can't afford. Give a gift card and make them happy.

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     For those 21 and older, cocktails are something they probably enjoy. Especially for those connoisseurs of whiskey - single malt, aged, whatever they may like - round ice cubes are the desired shape and add a bit of chic to their evening drink. A round ice cube mold is a fun and up-to-the-minute gift for any young adult who likes their libations.

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    lint roller

     Lint is out there, along with cat hair, dog hair, dust, etc, etc...and no one ever has a lint roller in their pocket, do they? With this little lint roller, young adults can keep one at work, one at home, and one in their briefcase or handbag. Because lint happens.

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    Cold Hard Cash


     Admit it, there are some people - especially young adults - who are impossible to shop for. With young adults preferring experiences over things these days, it can be difficult to find a gift that won't get shoved in a drawer or returned right away. Make it easy on yourself and give cash or a check. It will be appreciated, very much, and put to good use.