STOK Island Model# SGP2220SB Gas Grill

STOK Island Gas Grill Model# SGP2220SB
STOK Island Gas Grill Model# SGP2220SB. STOK Grills

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STOK Grills are built on the idea of versatility. The STOK Island Grill has a two piece circular cooking grate from which the center can be removed to be replaced with accessories like a pizza stone or vegetable basket (other accessories available separately). With a bright orange dome, this gas grill looks a lot like the popular Weber Performer (in fact the grate measurements are the same), but is certainly not of the same quality.

This STOK gas grill is prone to quickly rusting and has a number of quality control issues. However, currently selling for $270USD at Target, you might just be able to afford to throw it out in a year or two.


  • Built in versatility with interchangeable grill components
  • Full cart offers lots of space


  • Porcelain coatings chip easily
  • Rusts quickly and easily
  • Poor quality control in construction
  • Poor quality components
  • Low heat output for the size


  • Two stainless steel (430 series) burners for a 25,000 BTU maximum output
  • 363 square inches of grilling space
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates with interchangeable inserts
  • Comes standard with pizza stone and vegetable basket with other insert pieces available
  • Electric (AA-Battery) ignition
  • Enameled steel construction
  • Four wheel cart design with large work area
  • Cover, propane tank, and some grill insert sections sold separately
  • Convertible between propane and natural gas with additional equipment
  • Made in China by Guangdong Chant Group Inc. exclusively for Target

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Guide Review - STOK Island Model# SGP2220SB Gas Grill

Take a $400USD Weber Performer charcoal grill, convert it to gas and equip it with a grate system that lets you swap out the middle for a variety of accessories (comes standard with a pizza stone and a vegetable basket).

This grate system is painfully similar to Weber's Gourmet BBQ System. The catch is, you get this all for $270USD exclusively at Target.

The cooking system uses two 430 grade stainless steel burners to generate 25,000 BTU's under a porcelain coated cast iron cooking surface to 363 square inches. This is a low heat output for the size, but the proximity of the burners to the cooking surface and the low height lid make up for some of this. This is a smaller and much more basic version of the STOK Quattro as well as lower in quality.

This is the kind of grill you get when you let the seller (Target) dictate price and features. The manufacturer is forced to cut quality to get a product in the stores. This is a cheap grill and you will definitely get what you pay for.

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