Stop Complaining About Laundry. It Could Be Worse.

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    1944 Laundry Room

    1944 Laundry Room
    United States Library of Congress

    Take a look around this ideal laundry room from the mid-nineteen forties. Do you see any piece of equipment looks convenient or easy? Now, think of the laundry equipment you use. It may not be the laundry room of your dreams or it may be a community laundromat; but I'll bet it doesn't have a washer that you have to hand feed in the clothes to wring out the water after every load. You probably have a dryer that the hardest part of operation is remembering to empty the lint filter. And, you may not even own an iron, much less a linen press, because many of today's fabrics are permanent press.

    In less than two generations, chemistry and technology have changed laundry from a labor intensive process into one that requires very little labor. Sure, it takes time and laundry is never ending unless you move to a nudist colony; but it is far from back-breaking. But with a little knowledge, organization, and the right equipment, laundry is easy.

    How do you like the clothes dryer? What, you can't find it? It's right there in the back left corner. And, the supplemental dryers are overhead; the lines near the ceiling. If you'd like to save energy, you can have the modern versions of these dryers:

    If you'd rather have an automatic dryer, here are some articles to help you find the best one for your laundry room:

    Now stop complaining about laundry!

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    1941 Hotpoint Clothes Washer

    Vintage hot point washer
    Fox Photos Hulton Archives/Getty Images

    If a housewife in the 1940s was thrilled to have this washer, think how she would react to today's machines. Do you think a king-sized comforter would fit in this Hotpoint model?

    Today's washers offer an array of features from water-saving models, different load sizes, and washing/spinning cycle options to fit every need. If you are looking for a new washer, these articles will help you find your way:

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    Washboard for Stain Removal

    Adrian Ace William/Getty Images Archives

    You have a food stain on your tablecloth. What do you do? Grab your iPhone and look for advice on what to do? Or, reach into the cabinet and grab an easy-to-use stain removal product?

    In the past, women grabbed a washboard and a bar of soap and scrubbed the stain until it was gone or until the fabric ripped. Or, they gave up and let the stain remain. We have so many more options today. Information is readily available, commercial products perform amazingly well, and our washers do almost all of the work.

    If you need some help with stain removal, it's all right here:

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    Vintage Iron

    Vintage Iron
    Chaloner Woods/Getty Images Archive

    Most of us hate to iron. Fortunately, we have new fabrics that require little, if any, ironing. We also have high performance, lightweight, easy to use irons. No more heating the irons in the ashes or on the stove top. No more filling the iron with hot coals over and over.

    If you need some help selecting the best iron and ironing board for your needs, here are some tips to make ironing easier:

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    Clothes Steamer

    Vintage Clothes Steamer
    Chaloner Woods/Getty Images Archives

    This clothes steamer is one of my favorite vintage laundry pieces. Imagine trying to maneuver this heavy thing filled with hot steaming water up and down a garment to remove wrinkles. I think it would be easier to set the steamer on a table and move the garment. Happy to say that I don't have to figure that out.

    If you hate ironing but still want wrinklefree clothes, a modern clothes steamer may be what you need. Take a look at these articles to help you select and use a clothes steamer:

    Are you still complaining about laundry?