7 Storage and Organization Trends to Expect in 2023

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The start of the new year may have you wanting to get your home into tip top shape. So what should you prioritize in your space? We asked professionals to share the major trends we'll be seeing in the home organizing world this year. Below, we're detailing six of their main insights.

1. More Home Office Makeovers and Fewer Home Gyms

With plenty of people still working from home in 2023, home offices will be a major area to tackle, says Candi Ruppert of Sage Organizing Co. "After working in dining rooms, converted playrooms, and other random spots in the house since 2020, there is a distinct trend toward carving out a home office space that is functional and gorgeous," she notes. "Tons of our clients who now work at home want a space that is solely theirs, and is aesthetically pleasing and functional to boot." Plus, many people are going to be working from home permanently these days. "With more remote positions, people are focusing their efforts on creating a workspace that is truly organized for maximum productivity and efficiency," adds Kenika Williams of Tidied by K.

At the same time, home gyms may be on their way out this year. "With lots of folks heading back to the gym or yoga studio or barre class, the square footage of home space dedicated to workouts seems to be declining," notes Rachel Ferdaszewski of Serenispace Home Organization. "People are more likely to tuck their treadmill or Peloton in the corner and use the majority of the room for another purpose."

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2. Using Natural Organizing Products and Sustainability

Ruppert adds that we'll begin to see less of an emphasis on plastic and acrylic bins in the organizing world. "There is a definite move toward using wicker, wood, bamboo, and other gorgeous natural products," she says. Ruppert frequently gravitates toward MDesigns's Home + Sort line. Natural products look great, too. "They visually add warmth and texture to spaces," says Lisa Smith of Simplify Studio. "Many more options are available for wood turntables and bins in light, medium and dark finishes."

Eryn Donaldson of The Model Home expresses similar comments regarding organization systems and adds that sustainability as a whole will be a major focus. "Clients are opting for more sustainable storage options in the kitchen and pantry, such as glass jars versus plastic containers," she notes.

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3. Hidden Labels

Say bye-bye to bold labels in the pantry. "Hidden labels on the back of some items may be more on trend in 2023," Donaldson explains. "The containers are getting prettier and the label kind of distracts from that." Better yet, she notes, this makes it easier to switch up what you store in a jar as often as you'd like. Smith agrees with this outlook and offers a few additional tips. "Add labels only where they are essential and in a minimal way with a simple and clean type face," she suggests. "For labels that are more visible, opt for simple and modern type faces and avoid italic and cursive in large sizes contrasting colors."

4. Functional Organization

Aesthetics are great, but function reigns supreme in 2023. "There is a time and a place for beautiful spaces that you will see on TV or Pinterest, but what works for most families is organizational systems that help keep the day to day clutter at bay and help the entire family function as one," comments Alli Bodnar of Alli B Organizing. "I hope to see function first, and beauty to follow!"

In this vein, clear storage bins will be having a major moment. "You can easily tell what is in them and they still look neat and orderly because your brain sees them as one item, rather than all of the things inside," Ferdaszewski comments. "The only times I recommend opaque storage bins are for items that can be sensitive to light, such as photographs or fabrics."

5. Hiring a Pro to Help You

Looking to hire a pro organizer this year? You're not alone! "In the last years people are much more aware that professional organizing services exist, especially in large cities where living areas are small and they want to make the most out of their space," says Millie Naor of Bella Organizers. "They are willing to invest their time and money to live in a more comfortable and functional space."

6. Storage for Bulk Items

People are still stocking up when they can. "With supply chain issues continuing to impact shipping times more people want to keep a supply of their most used items at home," Ferdaszewski says. "This is going to mean additional utility cabinets and shelves in garages, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, etc."

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7. Making the Most of Your Space

Allow 2023 to be the year you really maximize what your home has to offer! "Moving is expensive, and with interest rates on the rise homeowners will be more content to stay where they are instead of tackling a move in 2023," shares Shane Bone of Simple Steps Consulting. "For this reason, they will continue to be focused on making the home they have work for how they are now doing life." This may mean turning an unused guest room into a home office, for example. Kristen Ziegler of Minima echoes this viewpoint and adds, "We have a saying at Minima: Any home can feel like a dream home through minimizing and organizing!"