9 Tidy and Stylish Storage Hacks Using IKEA Shoe Cabinets

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    Sanity Saving Storage Solutions

    Ikea's Trone Shoe Cabinets

    Whipping up more storage space in a small home is no easy feat unless you know about IKEA's Trones – inexpensive wall-mounted shoe cabinets. 

    Yes, they were created to stash shoes. But, their slender design makes it possible to transform untapped wall space in narrow or small spaces like hallways or bathrooms. Here are nine inspiring ideas.

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    The Skinny on IKEA Trones

    A look inside an IKEA Trones Shoe Cabinet. Ikea

    Two things make IKEA Trones a standout when it comes to small space storage. First off, they are cheap. A set of two costs $24.99. Next, they are super compact. They are only six and a half inches in depth. They're a great solution in tight spaces where traditional shelving may not work.

    The Trone featured here is being used as an entryway landing strip for house keys and mail.


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    Go Ahead, Stack Them


    Here is another good to know: IKEA Trones are stackable. So you can line up as many as you like to create a floor-to-ceiling storage wall.

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    Storage for Children

    Dos Family

    Trones are perfect for small nurseries.  They can be used to stash stuffed animals, diapers, and your baby's clothing. 

    (FYI, just make sure your Trones are secured to the wall properly for your wee one's safety.)

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    Bedroom Storage

    IKEA Trones are also very hackable. Case in point, this floating sideboard is actually a dresser. Check out the tutorial.

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    Entryway Storage


    Trones are perfect for narrow entryways that do not have room for traditional foyer storage solutions. The cabinets shown here keep winter and rain items like hats, gloves, scarves and compact umbrellas out-of-sight.

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    Kitchen Storage

    Trones for kitchen storage

    If you do not have an inch of cabinet space in your kitchen to spare, a few ​Trones can create additional storage for essential items. Here's a useful space saving tip. I use them as recycling bins because they're super easy to clean.

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    Toilet Paper Storage

    Trones are also useful for bathroom storage

    Need a place to stash toilet paper? Trones can put vertical space in your bathroom to work.

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    Trones are Customizable

    These thin wall cabinets are easily customizable.

    Trones are easy to customize using decorative tape, contact paper or peel and stick vinyl as shown here. For some inspiration, check out these super easy customization ideas.