6 Smart Ways to Store Pool Floats and Toys

pool floats and toys

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There’s nothing that says summer like a relaxing afternoon at the pool. But when the time comes to close up the pool and throw that cover back on, there's the annual question of what will happen to your pool accessories. From noodles to floaties to rafts, there’s a lot to put away—and it’s important to keep it neat and tidy so there’s not a mess come next pool season.

Whether you're storing fresh towels, swimsuits, sunblock, toys, floats, or other pool equipment, everything has its place—and there are plenty of creative ways to get everything organized.

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    Use a Wood Pallet for Noodle Storage

    Wood pallet with pool noodles


    Wooden pallets may feel industrial, but they have a fun organizational use. They can be a great way to store pool noodles. Want to expand their capabilities? Add a few hooks, and suddenly it’s also a great tool for hanging towels, wet suits, and goggles. Depending on the condition of the pallet, you may have to sand it or paint it (but that’s fun, because you can choose colors that match your pool area decor). Then you just need to find a spot near the pool and use it to store everything getting in the way. Set a bin or basket on the top as a catch-all for smaller toys.

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    Give Hooks Multiple Purposes

    Hanging tool with pool gear


    All good pools come with a skimmer—that long, netted tool you use to remove leaves and other debris from the water. Establish a spot for that tool to rest and hang wet swim gear at the same time by hanging large hooks on the nearest wall. Make sure the hooks are larger than the width of the skimmer's handle, and hang two to three a foot or two apart to support the tool. You can hang googles, safety gear, and more small pool toys from those hooks, too.

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    Use the Fence

    Pool fence with storage hooks


    The fence around your pool is just sitting there—you might as well give it a job! Use it on its own or attach small baskets for knick-knacks. Install a simple rack to hold everything from toys and swim goggles to sunblock and water bottles. (Just make sure the rack doesn't have holes or slots smaller items can slip through.) And hang simple hooks for towels, damp swimsuits, and more for a multi-purpose storage spot.

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    Bring Out Storage Ladders

    Storage ladder with pool towels


    Ladders may be great for everything from a treehouse to a bunk bed, but decorative or vintage ladders are also an easily adaptable towel rack or good for storage of certain types of toys and accessories. Whether you're using it to hang clean towels for later use or adding some hooks for small pool toys, it’s simple to set up and will be a huge organizational asset. Lean yours in an out-of-the-way, sunny spot, and the toys will even dry between uses, limiting mold or mildew issues.

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    Add a Coat Rack

    Metal coat rack with towels


    Indoors, coat racks are the perfect drop-spot for coats, hats, umbrellas, and more. Outdoors, a sturdy, durable coat rack (or some similar structure, such as a flag pole) can serve the same purpose. Use its many arms and hooks for storing towels, swimsuits, toys, and more when not in use.

    Make this storage tool even more helpful by hanging sturdy mesh bags from it. These bags are a great place to stow everything from flip flops to pool toys to noodles, and they're particularly helpful for small items, such as diving rings and other toys. Even better, you can easily hose the bag off to get some of that grime, chlorine, or sand off!

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    Designate a Laundry Basket

    Clothes In Wicker Basket Outdoors
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    You’ll want a laundry basket for all the wet towels and swimsuits, of course, but a spare can also be a good storage bin, particularly because the holes in the sides provide plenty of airflow to prevent mildew growth. Take a giant laundry basket (or just about any storage basket) and throw in all the pool toys you can fit. That way they are all in one place, not strewn about where the kids (and adults) can trip over them and get hurt. Pick a durable basket, and you won't even have to worry about bringing it in every night.