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29 Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

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    Limited on space or have too much stuff to know what to do with? These storage solutions will help you de-clutter every room in your home! To get you started, here are a few golden rules to follow for home storage:

    1. Opt for Square Containers: Unless you have open shelving, square storage containers are always a better option because they maximize space well. Round containers are giving up a few inches on each side and will never fit flush against a wall.
    2. Don’t Skimp on Plastic Containers: If you’re storing clothes in a closet, you can get the basic containers, but if you’re storing them in an area where they will be exposed to the elements or changes in temperature, spring for the better-made versions.
    3. Look for Nesters: By nesters, we mean containers that stack well together. They're stylish and so practical! 
    4. Don’t Buy in Sets: Sets tend to have only one container of each size which is great unless you have the same amount of items for each container, in which case you'll need multiple storage options of the same size.
    5. Identify Your Storage Space First: It's always best to locate a storage space before you start boxing everything up. Working backward will save you time and headaches.
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    DIY Canned Food Organizer

    If you have a small kitchen, this could be a huge space saver for you! That space between the wall and the fridge is usually "dead space." Utilize that space by creating a tall, thin, and mobile storage cart to store canned goods or spices and oils. 

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    Magazine Holders Are Perfect for Storing Veggies

    Magazine holders are surprisingly versatile when it comes to home storage solutions. You can use them to store root vegetables in your cabinets or any other cool, dry place.

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    Save Counter Space With a Dish Drying Cabinet

    This trick is currently all the rage in Northern Europe where modern design always seems to be on the forefront of everyone's minds (think: IKEA). Install a dish drying rack in a cabinet above your sink to save space on the countertop.

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    Organize Your Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

    This storage idea may seem simple and obvious, but travel mugs and water bottles aren't the easiest things to organize. How often have you hunted through your cabinets looking for a travel coffee mug while on the way out the door? By labeling dishpans or shallow bins for smarter, more compact storage, you will not waste time searching again.

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    Organize Your Tupperware

    Tupperware and food storage containers aren't that easy to store either. By adding a drawer to your cabinet, you can nest your storage containers together and keep them streamlined and organized.

    Tip: Rather than buying containers in sets, try to limit your collection to three or four different sizes, so you can nest them together more easily.

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    Pretend Pull-Out Drawers

    If you can't install pull-out storage, bins are the perfect alternative. This solution allows you to be able to see what's in the back of your cabinet without having to remove all of the items in the front of your cabinet.

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    A Smarter Way to Organize Your Pans

    Here's an idea that will work in any kitchen: these wire racks can help you store anything that's long and thin, like baking dishes, cutting boards, or even sauté pans.

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    DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

    The idea of repurposing an item rather than throwing it away is not a new concept, but when a good idea comes along, especially one so simple, it feels like a spark of genius—save your empty tissue box to keep plastic bags organized and within easy reach.

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    Above-Cabinet Storage

    Wire baskets have a design advantage over woven baskets because you can see through them. This makes wire baskets so much more useful than woven baskets when you're quickly trying to find something. It also makes them the perfect storage accessory for high places, like the top of your kitchen cabinets.

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    Paint Pen Kitchen Organization

    Decant the grains and spices you use most often into clear storage containers. Then find a fun way to label them (paint pens work well) for a unique display. This will make your grains and spices both more attractive and easier to find. 

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    Recycle Boxes to Organize Your Freezer

    If you like to stock up and store things in your freezer, you know what a mess it can become if you fail to institute some organization. This storage idea is simple but smart: cut the tops off of cardboard boxes, label them, and store your frozen items for easy retrieval.

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    DIY Trash Bag Roll

    Head to your local hardware store to gather the materials you'll need to install this garbage bag holder. This clever hack will save you​ the frustration of wrestling a bag out of the box every time you take out your trash.

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    Hang Your Measuring Spoons

    You've seen knives mounted on the wall with magnets, but what about hanging your measuring spoons to the inside of a cabinet? Choose the cabinet with all your baking supplies for stream-lined organization. All you need are some tiny command hooks to make this simple storage idea a done deal.

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    DIY Mounted Tension Rod

    Here's another super easy kitchen or bathroom storage DIY: mount a tension rod under your bathroom sink and hang your spray bottles on it. This frees up room on the bottom of the cabinet for more storage and takes advantage of dead space below the sink.

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    Hang a Fruit Basket in the Bathroom

    Fruit baskets are storage and organization champs. They can take a bunch of small items and make them appear organized! They also make everything easy to reach. A fruit basket filled with your child's bath supplies and toys makes such good sense.

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    DIY Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case

    What a cute idea! Bobby pins and other "smalls" (e.g. cue tips) are easy to store since they're so small but tough to keep organized while in storage. This Tic Tac dispenser idea is a brilliant way to corral a bunch of small items together to make them easy to find when you need them.

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    DIY Cell Phone Charging Station

    If you don't want cords or electronic devices cluttering up your bedside table, try this simple and elegant DIY to hide and store your phone while it charges.

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    DIY Upcycled Earring Organizer

    You may feel guilty throwing away cardboard boxes because they seem like they could be useful, but unless you have a good idea of how to use them, they just take up space. Here's an idea that will allow you to repurpose a cardboard box and organize and display your earrings in a cute way!

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    Repurpose a Coke Crate to Store Your Ties

    What a unique way to reuse an old soda crate! Simply roll up your ties and store them one per compartment.

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    Store Underwear in PVC Pipes

    This smart DIY shows you how to take PVC piping and fit it into a drawer as a way to better separate and organize your underwear.

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    Label Toy Drawers With Pictures

    Photo labeled toy storage
    Family Ever After

    Here's an idea that might make it easier for your children to find and put away their own toys. By labeling the drawers with pictures instead of words, even little ones who cannot read will be able to know which toys go in which drawers.

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    Store Toys in an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

    Check out this brilliant use of an over-the-door shoe organizer repurposed to store your children's small toys and stuffed animals!

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    Create a Gallery Wall for Kids' Artwork

    Hang kids artwork on the wall
    Family Ever After

    Kids' artworks can pile up quickly. Hanging it rather than keeping it in a pile means less clutter. This is also a good way to remind yourself to rotate new projects and artwork every few months (or weeks, depending on how artsy your kids are).

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    Store Cords in an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

    Store (and label) your electrical cords—including chargers, wires, and plugs in an over-the-door shoe organizer. Think how much easier this would be for you the next time you're looking for a particular cord!

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    DIY Cord and Cable Organizer

    Tech clutter happens and storing chargers and other electronic accessories can be a real pain. This truly simple DIY can help you sort and store your everyday tech accessories in a unique and attractive way using only cardboard and some wrapping paper. 

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    DIY Hanging Ribbon Organizer

    You may not have the space for a full-time craft room, but you probably have enough wall space for this creative ribbon organizer. You could also use this for yarn and string and never have to worry about untangling your supplies again.

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    DIY Twine Keeper

    Balls of string, twine, and ribbon can become a jumbled mess when stored in a drawer. How about storing them in a sugar dispenser? This keeps them from becoming tangled and makes them easier to use when you need them.

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    DIY Color Blocked Pegboards

    A pegboard can be used to store and organize a myriad of different household products such as kitchen tools, garage tools and more. It's also a good way to store miscellaneous items like scissors, tape, crafting supplies, etc. These are the kind of items that would typically end up in a junk drawer but are so much easier to use when hung and stored on a pegboard!