Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home

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    4 Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home

    Don't let them see your clutter
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    Several years ago, the tagline for a popular deodorant was "never let them see you sweat."

    This same line could be applied to ​your clutter, but instead use, "never let them see your clutter."

    We all have some degree of clutter in our homes. It's almost impossible to completely eliminate it.  But you can declutter your home with these four storage solutions.  

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    Declutter With Baskets

    Use baskets to control clutter
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    Baskets come in all shapes and sizes to help you control your clutter in any room of the house.  You can keep cosmetics and toiletries corraled on the bathroom counter.  Beside your bed use them for the books, magazines, pads of paper and pens that typically clutter your nightstand.  Use a basket to store magazines and newspapers that are oftentimes strewn across your living room.  Use one on the end table to hold the many remote controls.  And last but not least use them to stash away toys!

    Another great thing about using baskets to declutter is that they each hold a finite amount of items. When the basket is full, it's time to go through and throw some things away.

    To get the most versatile storage use from baskets, select those rectangular or square in shape. You can find inexpensive baskets at home stores, dollar stores and discount retail chains like Target or Walmart.

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    Declutter Your Purse With Zippered Pouches

    Declutter with zippered pouches
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    Zippered pouches are a great way to store small or odd-sized items that clutter your purse. Declutter by using separate pouches for your small make-up items like a compact, lipstick, lipgloss and mascara.  You could use one for pens, pencils, and highlighters that always seem to find their way to the bottom of your purse.  Or use one to keep personal hygiene items like vitamins, pain relievers, bandages, tweezers or nail files.A small zippered pouch even makes a great change purse!

    You can find zippered pouches in the cosmetic section of most retail and drug stores.  With zippered pouches, you never have to be embarrassed by purse clutter again.

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    Declutter With Storage Ottomans

    Store clutter in Ottomans
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    Hollow storage ottomans with lids are a great way to declutter living rooms, dens and game rooms. They can hold almost any kind of clutter like magazines, extra throws and blankets, gaming stations and all those wires, or board games and card games.  

    This type of furniture is also great to keep empty so when unexpected company arrives you tell the kids to throw everything in the ottoman.  Then invite your guests to sit down on it!

    You can find these storage ottomans at Target, Walmart and most home furnishing stores.

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    Declutter With Decorative Storage Boxes

    Declutter with Decorative boxes
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    So what do you do with the items you need at hand that clutters up your home?  Use shoebox-sized decorative storage boxes to declutter these must-have items.

    You know those items you keep by the phone like notepads, pens, phone lists and take-out menus?  Put them in the box.

    On your desk you make keep cards, thank you notes, pen,s and stamps, and when left out they look like clutter.  If you kept them in a nice box you'd be able to transport the box where you are in your home and you'll know what is in it.

    You can keep your desk tidy by putting your sticky notes, small notepads, staplers, and paperclips in a nice shoe box that you can find decorative storage boxes at craft stores, home furnishing stores, and most office supply stores.

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    Declutter with Hooks

    Declutter with Hooks
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    Give your things a home with a hook.  If you can't find the right kind of hook for your kid's jackets or your scarves use Command hooks by 3M which you can pick up at any supermarket or retail store.  They are easy to install and won't ruin your walls or paint!

    Assign each child a hook they can hang their jacket on.  Now their jackets have a home.  They could also hang their backpack on this hook to make it easier to pack.

    A hook could also be placed on the back of doors to hang bathrobes, wet towels that need to dry, or any other things you don't want to throw in the closet.

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